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Last Edited November 2, 2017

Welcome to Canadian Canoe Routes (CCR) website!!

Inside, you'll find hundreds of route descriptions, trip reports, gear information and reviews,  recipes, tips, tricks and techniques and active discussion forums.  In addition there is a  wealth of Route Resource Information.  All of Canada is included & selected areas of the US.

And of course, the heart & soul of CCR is its members - a large community of paddlers from across the country & even quite a few from other countries - in particular, our neighbour to the south, the US!


Add Your Trip Report to our Trip Report Database HERE!!

Sharing your reports of your canoe & kayak trips is one of the best features of CCR - access info, technical information, trip journals, gps tracks, maps, advice, photos etc. can all be included.  If you have your trip in a pdf file, it can be uploaded as is.  Please share your experiences & knowledge with all CCR members 



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With thanks to Paul Mason, a paddling cartoon to lighten up your week.... The latest Bubblestreet comic strip....

The latest Bubblestreet comic strip



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Photography of the stars & other heavenly bodies is being discussed HERE,




Nastawgan: the WCA Quarterly Journal

All 2014 issues of NASTAWGAN are now available for CCR users, compliments of the WCA.   




If any non-WCA member would like to receive a sample Nastawgan, please contact the Editor at aleks.gusev@gmail.com


route map example Canoe Trips From our Routes Database

Saskatchewan trip undertaken by 2 families with young children:

Click here to read about there adventures, see their GPS route & some photos.


WCS photo by Marilyn Sprissler 31st Wilderness Canoe Symposium 2016
Monarch Park Collegiate, Toronto
Feb 19-20, 2016


For anybody who missed the 2015 symposium or would like to enjoy specific talks again, videos of the talks have all been uploaded to the Wilderness Canoe Symposium here.  ENJOY!!!



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Food for Paddlers

Have a look at the great list of recipes, submitted by other CCR members!  Please feel free to add your own favourite recipe.




If you are feeling the urge to head south to Florida & paddle, Kim Gass (littleredcanoe) has posted a great article on Everglades Camping Tips & Tricks.  To read her very useful article, CLICK HERE!  


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