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Last Edited March 15, 2014

Welcome to Canadian Canoe Routes (CCR) website!!

Inside, you'll find hundreds of route descriptions, trip reports, gear information and reviews,  recipes, tips, tricks and techniques and active discussion forums.  In addition there is a  wealth of Route Resource Information.  All of Canada is included & selected areas of the US.

And of course, the heart & soul of CCR is its members - a large community of paddlers from across the country & even quite a few from other countries - in particular, our neighbour to the south, the US!


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With thanks to Paul Mason, a paddling cartoon to lighten up your week....

The latest Bubblestreet comic strip


What's Happening on CCR?

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i'm basically looking for backcountry campsites on a lake in Algonquin that 1. don't require a huge amount of portaging, 2. are perfect for landscape night photography!

so here's the deal for the second part... the milky way is gonna be clear ANYWHERE before the Barron Canyon/St. Andrew's lake (that's where light pollution becomes bad).... so that's figured out already... BUT!!! i need something interesting in my foreground... lots of rocks popping out of the water! shallow waters with lots of rocks LOOKING SOUTH! the shore HAS to be facing south (meaning when you're looking at the water, you're facing south) cause that's where the milky way will appear... if i'm facing north, it won't work... i might be the luckiest man in the world to catch a hint of the Aurora facing north but yeah u get the idea!

Discussion on this can be found here:


PolyOne, the publicly held company who produces the most revolutionary material in canoeing, is closing plants and ceasing production of Royalex.

Read the discussion about this here:

Nastawgan: the WCA Quarterly Journal

Winter 2013 Nastawgan Journal Now Available to WCA Members

All 4 2012 Nastawgan issues & Spring & Summer of 2013 issues are being made available by the WCA to all CCR users in the following 2 locations:

If any non-WCA member would like to receive a sample Nastawgan, please contact the Editor at


route map example Canoe Trips From our New Routes Database

Our new Routes Database is now open - have a look at a route from there...Lester Kovac's Kuujjua River in the NWT:  KUUJJUA RIVER - you can see how his GPS track is displayed, he uploaded all his maps to share & he has included a few beautiful photos.

gallery_photo Wilderness Canoe Symposium 2014




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Recipes: Tips & Tricks from the Paddler’s Pot

The most necessary food group on a canoe trip is of course "GORP"! Check out Darren Cope's recipe for 'not-so-basic Gorp'. If you have a Gorp recipe you'd like to share, please add it here to our recipe collection.




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......from Paul Mason....How to Transport Your Canoe  -  Oct. 21, 2013






Do you have a favourite YouTube canoeing video you'd like to share on CCR? Just send us the link at! We will be posting new ones regularly.

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