Muskoska River South Branch

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Difficulty Ratings

Distance: 16 km
Duration : 2 days
Loop Trip : yes
River Travel : intermediate
Lake Travel : not applicable
Portaging : Easy
Remoteness : novice

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Maps Required

No. of Portages : 6
Total Length: 284 m
Average Length: 47 m
Longest Portage : 91 m

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SuitabilitySuitability : unknown

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Route Description

Hwy 11 north of Bracebridge
West on Hwy 117 approx 10 km to town of Baysville
Public access is on the west side of the river below the dam
South on South Muskoka River for 3 km
P 10 m L around Fair Falls
South on Muskoka River for 1.5 km
P 41 m R around rapids
South on South Muskoka River for 3.5 km
P 91 m L around falls
Return by same route

General Comments

The MNR route description details a 42 km trip from Baysville to Bracebridge. The only designated campsites on crown land are a quarter of the way down the river, so it is extremely difficult to paddle the route as described (unless you want to paddle a 30 km second day).
This route description is based on that in "Cottage Country Canoe Routes" by Kevin Callan and involves paddling down to the crown land campsites and then paddling back upstream to Baysville

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Submitted by:  finn         on 0000-00-00

a municipal park is now located at approx. 25 km frombaysville.

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