George Lake to O.S.A. Lake

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Difficulty Ratings

Distance: 22 km
Duration : 2 days
Loop Trip : yes
River Travel : not applicable
Lake Travel : novice
Portaging : Easy
Remoteness : novice

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No. of Portages : 6
Total Length: 1320 m
Average Length: 240 m
Longest Portage : 430 m
Topo Maps (1:50,000)
41 I/13 Lake Panache

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Killarney Provincial Park Map

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Route Description

Start at main campground - George Lake
North then east through George Lake
P 50 m to Freeland Lake
East through Freeland Lake
P 430 m to Killarney Lake
North then west through Killarney Lake
Liftover at beaver dam, then P 180 m
West on O.S.A. Lake
Camp night one on O.S.A. Lake
Return via same route

General Comments

A relaxed weekend trip through some of the most beautiful lakes in the park. Reservations are definitely required. if you cannot book a site as soon as reservations open, there is little chance of paddling on these lakes in the peak summer months.


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Photo Gallery

North shore of Killarney Lake taken from the island campsite near the east end..

(Photo Credit : Richard Munn)

White quartzite hills surrounding O.S.A. Lake.

(Photo Credit : Kevin Callan)

Looking south from a ridge on the island campsite at the west end of OSA Lake.

(Photo Credit : Richard Munn)

Looking east from the island campsite at the west end of OSA Lake.

(Photo Credit : Richard Munn)

Campsite on island at the east end of Killarney Lake.

(Photo Credit : Richard Munn)

User Submitted Information


Submitted by:  Cliff         on 0000-00-00

Beside the portage between Freeland and Killarney lakes there is a nice waterfall. Well worth a few pictures. Near the 130m portage from Killarney to O.S.A. lakes there is a waterfall which is hidden slightly by the foliage of the bush. I believe there is access to it on the left side of the waterfall. On O.S.A near the 455m portage there is an island that has an old log cabin on it. You are not allowed on the island because of rehabilitation but it is easily photograghed. If you take the Killarney to Kakakise portage and then walk the hiking trail towards Killarney (north ?) approximately 2 kilometres you will come to the "crack". This is a split in the rock mountain and the view is spectacular. Looking east you can see Killarney, O.S.A, Muriel and then Georgian Bay. Pack a lunch and sit up on the rock and enjoy.

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