Black River Route

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Difficulty Ratings

Distance: 21 km
Duration : 2 days
Loop Trip : no
River Travel : intermediate
Lake Travel : not applicable
Portaging : Easy
Remoteness : novice

Portage Info

Maps Required

No. of Portages : 6
Total Length: 1295 m
Average Length: 216 m
Longest Portage : 650 m

Handicapped Accessibility

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SuitabilitySuitability : unknown

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Route Description

Hwy 169 - turn on Muskoka St. to Washago business section
Past tow, turn on Coopers Falls Road after the bridge
Through town of Cooper`s Falls for 2.5 km
Dirt road towards Houseys Rapids - 14 km to Victoria Falls
P 150 m past bridge to beach at base of Victoria Falls
Line past small chute
P 20 m R around small falls
P 650 m R around Ragged Rapids
P 75 m centre of island in rapids
P 300 m L around Cooper`s Falls
P 100 m R just before bridge to bypass rapids
Series of runnable swifts
Finish at Highway 169

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Submitted by:  Jed Churly         on 0000-00-00

This is a sweet run, and if you hit it in the mid spring water levels are 5ft higher then mid summer months, and water is flowing 5 x as fast as normal. However I've found from last summers run (2002) that more timber has fallen and the portage rate has increased in one small 10 km area I've found the river to have about 10 portage points, and further up near Bracebridge of 118 the levels are low and the portage rate is high as well. But non the less this river I will never forget and I will always return

Submitted by:  Donna Clark         on 0000-00-00

The island is a great place to camp

Submitted by:  Steve Gordon         on 0000-00-00

Sept 04 HYW 118 down to Coopers. some sand bars, lots of trees down, opted to rope alot instead of portage, great trip

Submitted by:  Pat Arbus         on 0000-00-00

Great trip. It took us 5 days because we were out of shape...

Submitted by:  Gottlob Frege         on 2008-08-26

Sadly, there is no longer camping permitted at Victoria Falls. Apparently the site was ruined by partiers. Does anyone know of sites further into the Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands?

Submitted by:  kevin         on 0000-00-00

we started at hwy 169 and went up river to victoria falls then turned around and came back. Fantastic trip!

Submitted by:  Bob Shiell         on 0000-00-00

Paddled to Victoria Falls and returned. It is an good novice trip.

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