Tay River

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Distance: 8 km
Duration : 1 days
Loop Trip : yes
River Travel : novice
Lake Travel : not applicable
Portaging : not applicable
Remoteness : novice

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No. of Portages : 0
Total Length: 0 m
Average Length: 0 m
Longest Portage : 0 m
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31 C/16 Perth

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31 C Kingston

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Nice dock to put in at in Perth.
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Route Description

Put in at \"The Basin\" in Perth (UTM 401,460E, 4,972,530N, Based on UTM Zone 18N, NAD83) Paddle downstream to Tay Marsh to explore, then reverse route back to Perth.

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Trip Log / Diary

On July 10, 2005, I was in Perth Ontario visiting my good friend Matt McLean. After watching the day\'s stage of le Tour de France (Go Lance!) we decided to go for a short paddle on the Tay River. Matt had not paddled much, and I was going to give him some instruction while at the same time exploring a new river. We walked downtown and rented a canoe (Upper Canada plastic pig) from Cricket\'s (I think that\'s what it was called...) Cricket\'s is more of a coffee shop/bakery than a canoe rental place, but they have a couple canoes and kayaks to rent. We put in at \"The Basin\" (UTM 401,460E, 4,972,530N, Based on UTM Zone 18N, NAD83) right behind the store, and began paddling down the river. I gave Matt some basic paddling instruction, and he took to it really quickly.

It was quite hot and humid, and the deer flies were out and biting as we paddled down the very slow moving river. We passed some very nice houses along the river, and soon reached the Tay Marsh. Along the way, Matt pointed out the the trail which runs alongside the river for some time. Matt runs on the trail fairly often, and it looks pretty nice for a hike. The Marsh itself is quite large, and although we didn\'t spend much time exploring it, it looks like a nice place to paddle around and birdwatch, etc. On the way back to Perth, we saw a deer along the side of the river. It didn\'t run away at all, instead standing and watching us as we paddled by.

After paddling back to Perth and returning the canoe, we went to see the Diefenbunker which is also highly recommended if you\'re in the Ottawa area. Overall, this is an easy paddle, and a very calm, slow moving stretch of water--good for beginners. The water level at the time we paddled the river was just over 1m3/sec. which was plenty--we didn\'t touch bottom once. Based on this, I would say that the river is paddleable at all times of the year.

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Submitted by:  David Taylor         on 2008-07-23

There are several beautiful trips to be taken on the Tay River in eastern Ontario. Three of the suggested itineraries are provided on the Friends of the Tay website at http://www.tayriver.org/ - click on Canoe Brochure at the bottom of the page. Aerial photos are also available on this site for various parts of the river and canal. Soon, we will be adding more trip descriptions on this site.

Submitted by:  Len Kelly         on 2009-03-17

The Tay River can be paddled from the village of Bolingbroke, across Christie Lake and on to Perth. You can pull your canoe right up to the riverside restauraunt " Mexicali Rosa's" for a well earned meal. A few short protages, several C1, C2s. About 7 hours of easy fun. I routinely take my 7 and 9 year olds down the river. Highly recommended.

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