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resurfacing a canoe - bondo vs west systems
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Author:  ThomD [ November 7th, 2018, 8:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: resurfacing a canoe - bondo vs west systems

Epoxy for sure. Small amounts you can use WEST 5 minute, or even Devcon. or liquid steel.

Any of the good boat epoxies are best though. I like WEST, but have moved to RAKA. It is about 50 dollars a gal at the moment, and when I bought epoxy in large quantities to do a sailboat about 30 years ago, the WEST was about 125 a gallon Canadian. Epoxy prices have hardly moved in all that time.

For fairing 410 really has no replacement, though the white 3M cells, or Q cell are good. They are harder to sand and spread.

With epoxy, what brand you are putting over what brand doesn't mater, it will not be a chemical bond at this point.

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