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Saskatchewan Route Information

Saskatchewan Route information is provided in three places:

1. Saskatchewan Routes section

2. CCR's Forum threads.
Route information is filed using the following regions; the following map may be useful in this respect. ... fc50vqkei4
Coverage: Everything north of the Churchill basin. ... 11&t=37398
Upper Churchill
Coverage: Churchill basin west of Hwy 102. ... 11&t=33978
Lower Churchill
Coverage: Churchill basin east of Hwy 102. ... 11&t=33910
Coverage: Everything south of the Churchill basin. ... 11&t=37396

3. Saskatchewan Trip Reports folder
I go through the TR folder several times each year and post corresponding links in the Forum threads.

Thanks to anonymous, Laurel, Paddle Power and pawistik for assistance in deciding the regions.
The reader may find the following map useful ... fc50vqkei4
in locating the regions.

For general information on Saskatchewan and paddling there, go to
Saskatchewan Resources ... 11&t=27618

Lengthy Routes through more than one region
ALLAN: Better title needed.
Ed notes.
1. Routes on the Churchill River passing through Otter Lake are posted in the Upper Churchill or the Lower Churchill region or both, as appropriate.
2. Routes on the Churchill River starting below Otter Lake and continuing on the Sturgeon-weir River are posted in the Sturgeon-weir region only.

Athabasca River, La Biche River, Beaver River and Churchill River. Jasper to Hudson Bay. Online, Notes, Photos, Maps.
Ed note: Posted in AB, SK and MB.
Author: Adam Maxwell.
Route description (condensed): Athabasca River below Jasper, up La Biche River, Lac La Biche (lake and town), road travel (Rte 55), Sand River (likely), Beaver River, Churchill River, Hudson Bay. ... ummary.htm ... whales.htm
Source: Every Trail.
Author: railstowhales.
Ed note: Little if any content beyond maps.
Day 18, Enter Saskatchewan
Trip so far
Day 19, Beaver River
Day 20, Adam's birthday
Day 21, Beaver River
Day 22, Beaver River
Day 23, Beaver River
Day 24, Beaver River
Day 25, Windblown on Lac Ile a la Crosse
Ed note: Entries for Days 26 through 39 not found.
Day 40 Missinipe SK
Day 41, Chillin' in Missinipe
Day 42, Still in Missinipe
Day 42-66 Missinipe to Missi Falls
Day 43, Otter Lake
Day 44, Holy Trinity and Nistawiak Falls
Day 45, Frog Portage
The rest of the trip
Day 46, Trade Lake
Day 47, Kettle Falls
Day 48, Ourom, Iskwatam, Wapumon and Wintego lakes
Ed note: Entries for Days 49 and 50 not found.
Day 51, Pita Lake
Day 52, Sokatisewin, Island Falls, Wasawakasik
Day 53, Okipwatsikew (Loon) Lake
Day 54, Sisipuk (Duck) Lake
Day 49-78, Wintego to Billard
Ed note: No entries found for Day 55 and on.
This entry was written by Allan Jacobs.

Lac la Ronge to Manitoba, via Churchill River, Reindeer River, Reindeer Lake, Wollaston Lake and Cochrane River. Online, Journal.
Route description (condensed): La Ronge, Lac la Ronge, Rapid River, Nistowiak Lake and Churchill River (features), Ourom Lake, up Reindeer River (features), Reindeer Lake, Swan River (not the Swan River that flows east to Manitoba ... tchewan%29 ), Swan Lake, Blondeau River, Wollaston Lake, Cochrane River (features) to Manitoba with continuation to the Thlewiaza River, Hudson Bay and Arviat.
Author: Bill Layman.
This entry was written by Allan Jacobs.

Ottawa to Inuvik. Online, Journal, Photos.
Authors: Trans CanEAUda group.
Route description: Ottawa, Ottawa River, Mattawa River, Lake Nipissing, French River, Georgian Bay, “Lake Huron” (North Channel?), Sault Ste Marie, Lake Superior, ride from Thunder Bay to Grand Portage, Pigeon River, BWCAW (Gunflint Lake mentioned), … , Kenora, Lake of the Woods, Winnipeg River, Pointe au Bois, Winnipeg, train to The Pas, Saskatchewan River, Cumberland Lake, Sturgeon-weir River, Frog Portage, Churchill River, Missinipe, Snake Rapids, ride to La Loche, Methy Portage, Clearwater River, Fort McMurray, Athabasca River, Lake Athabasca, Slave River, Great Slave Lake, Mackenzie River, Norman Wells, Inuvik.
This entry was written by Allan Jacobs.

Reindeer Lake, Wollaston Lake and Fond du Lac River. Southend to Stony Rapids. Online, Journal, Photos.
Source: University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee) Library, Sigurd F Olson web site. ... ntents.htm
Ed note: 1957 trip with Sigurd F Olson, Omond Solandt, Elliot Rodger, Tyler Thompson and Eric Morse.
Author: Denis Coolican.
Route description (place names from both Coolican and Toporama): Southend (by charter from Flin Flon), Reindeer Lake, Butler Island, Murray Island, Tate Island, Robinson Bay, Swan River, Swan Lake, Blondeau River, Middle Lake, Compulsion Bay, Wollaston Lake, resupply post (Ed note: must be Wollaston Lake settlement), Sandy Island, Fond du Lac River (features entry), Stony Rapids settlement.
Title at source: Voyageurs 1957: Reindeer Lake to Stony Rapids. ... _diary.htm
This entry was written by Allan Jacobs.

Wollaston Lake to Kasba Lake, via Cochrane River, Thlewiaza River, Kazan River, and Nowleye River. Online, Journal, Photos.
Sources: Nastawgan, Vol 23. Issues 1 and 3, 1996.
Authors: Sara Seager and Mike Wevrick.
Route description: Wollaston Lake, Cochrane River (features), Thlewiaza River (features), Kasmere Lake, Little Partridge River, Kasba Lake, Kazan River (features), Angikuni Lake, Nowleye Lake, Nowleye River, cross to Kamilukuak River basin, Blue Island Lake, Casimir Lake, ... ,Taitna Lake, Mallet Lake, ... , Kasba Lake.
Title: Sixty Days in the Land of Little Sticks.
This entry was written by Allan Jacobs.


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