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Recipe Name Serves Cooking Time Vegetarian Recipe Preparation Difficultysort ascending Dehydrated Meal
Campfire Bannock 2 10 min No simple No
Tabouli Salad 4 20min Yes simple No
Lemon Pasta 4 30 min Yes simple No
Turkey Tetrazzini 3 5 min No simple No
Spam Chimichangas 2 15min No simple No
Lazy Perogies 2 15 min No simple No
Fried Bagels 1 3 min Yes simple No
Cornmeal Cheddar Muffins 6 20 min Yes simple No
Smoked Salmon Bagels 4 2min No simple Yes
Angel Hair Pasta with Garlic 2 15min Yes simple No
Lazy lasagna 1 15 min Yes simple No
That`s Italian 2 20 min Yes simple Yes
Chocolate Pudding Pie 4 5 min No simple No
KD Supreme 2 20 min No simple No
Nancy 's Potato Soup 21 5min No simple Yes
Hummous 6 60 min Yes simple No
Red River with Meaning 4 10 min Yes simple Yes
MooseCock Mash 4 10min No simple No
Sweet and sour curried rice 6 40 min No simple Yes
Lentil Pate 4 60min Yes simple Yes
Ham & Taters 4 15 min No simple No
Spit in your eye 1 2 min No simple No
Hearty Soup 2 30min Yes simple Yes
HoneyMaising 0 0min Yes simple No
Strawberry Porridge 2 2 min Yes simple Yes
Sloppy Joes with TVP 4 5 min Yes simple Yes
Cucumber & Salsa Wraps 4 5min Yes simple No
Green Bean Casserole 2 15min No simple Yes
Strudel on a Stick 3 10 min No simple No
Canoe Patch Soup 4 20min Yes simple Yes
Trail Eggs 4 5 min Yes simple No
Shrimp Alfredo 1 20 min No simple Yes
Bread Pocket Luch 4 20min No simple No
Falafels 2 10 min Yes simple Yes
Black Bean and Salsa Tortillas 4 5min Yes simple Yes
Easy Fish & Rice 2 25 min No simple No
Corned Beef Hash 4 20 minutes No simple No
Salsa Soup 4 15 min Yes simple Yes
Curry in a Hurry 4 25 min Yes simple No
Quesadillas 2 5 min Yes simple Yes


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