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Recipe Name Servessort descending Cooking Time Vegetarian Recipe Preparation Difficulty Dehydrated Meal
Salsa Soup 4 15 min Yes simple Yes
Mike's Frontenac Snack GORP 4 2min No simple No
Cuban Style Pork Tenderloin 4 25 min No fancy No
Trail Eggs 4 5 min Yes simple No
GORP Bars 4 15min No No
Vegetable Chili 4 30 min. Yes moderate Yes
Fruit and Nut Nosh 4 5min No No
Corned Beef Hash 4 20 minutes No simple No
Lazy Cabbage Rolls 4 4 hours presoaking time and 20 to 25 minutes cooking time. No moderate Yes
Birdseed Bars 4 15min No No
Chicken Quesidilla 4 6 min No simple No
Chicken Mushroom Almondine 4 20 min No moderate Yes
\"Arrrribah\" Hot Chocolate 4 5 min Yes simple No
Chicken Fettucini Alfredo 4 10 min No simple No
tuna, avocado, hummous pita 4 5min No simple No
One pot dinner 4 30 min No simple No
Pasta with Sundried Tomatoes and Walnuts 4 (very hungry paddlers) 15 mins Yes simple No
Tea Biscuits 5 15 min No moderate No
Home Style Pea Soup 5 35 min No moderate No
chowder 5 25 min No No
Calico Beans 6 30 min No moderate Yes
Cornmeal Cheddar Muffins 6 20 min Yes simple No
Hummous 6 60 min Yes simple No
Zesty Cahpatis 6 2 min Yes moderate Yes
Houmus 6 50 min Yes moderate No
Sweet and sour curried rice 6 40 min No simple Yes
Veggie Chili 6 45 min Yes moderate Yes
Houmous 6 45min Yes moderate No
Shepherd's Pie 6 20 min No moderate Yes
Red Beans and Rice 6 25 min No simple No
Banana Chocolate Chip Bread 6 20min Yes simple No
PMS Cake (chocolate, chocolate 6 35min No simple No
Lamb Curry 6 75 min. No moderate No
Biscuit Mix 6 10 min No moderate No
Wilderness Adventures Pot Roast 8 120 No fancy No
less mess s'mores 8 3 min No simple No
Thai Tofu Spread 8 40min Yes moderate Yes
Paddling Oat Cakes 8 10 min No moderate No
Pesto 8 10 min No No
Garlic Clam Linguini 8 35 min No moderate No


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