06 Saguenay

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Route Name Trip Log or Diary Technical Guide Photo Distance Durationsort descending GPX File
Mistassibi Northeast
See www
127 km 6 days
Mistassibi River

Mistassibi River

We f

136 km 7 days
Mistassibi, Northeast

Day 1 (7/22/17)


180 km 7 days
Mistassibi Nord Est
This was my second trip wit
The Mis
145 km 9 days
Rivi`ere du Chef
Riviere du Chef, Quebec, 19
SW corn
360 km 10 days
Sainte Marguerite
Put in
300 km 14 days
Sainte-Margu\'erite River
Ste. Marguerite River, Labr
Train f
390 km 14 days