4 lake chain (Krooked, Sakwite, Crackshot, Whitewater)

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Michael Canfield
Trip Date : 
September 4-8, 2020
Additional Route Information
48 km
4 days
Loop Trip: 
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Total Portage Distance: 
1200 m
Longest Portage: 
600 m
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Route Description
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Drive down the Trout Road off HWY 502. The first bridge is around 8k. Put in there. 

Technical Guide: 

After putting in at Trout River there is a pull over almost immediately for a set of fast water. The next set isn't fat and can shoot through (we did) or pull over. If you pull over, be careful as the rocks are really slippery. 

Unless it's a South wind, the paddling should be fairly smooth the first day. If it's a South wind it will be a long day. There is a shore lunch spot, which will be spotted from the canoe and at around 12 km. 

Second day, paddle to Sakwite. Have a quick portage over the first damn, but then arrive at the real portage. This one is beautiful but difficult. Go to the left side. We cut a trail on that side and it should be fairly simple to follow, but be careful. This is the most difficult portage. It took a while to get into the lake, so we found a simple camp spot. I would recommend getting to this lake as early as you can to find a suitable spot.

Third day: Go South and you will find a trail that leads to the river to Outakamon. If you look at the satellite map you'll see a pinch point between the lake and the creek. The trail is right there and it's an easy carry. Now paddle to Outakamon and across to creek to Crackshot. The trail to Crackshot is right at the base of the falls. We almost missed it due to some overgrown Alders, but the trail is good and it's an easy carry.