Last Updated Nov. 3 2014

We have been steadily working on developing & enhancing the CCR website & have now completed a couple of very important new sections -   Add Your Trip Report & Browsing the Trip Reports.  Included in our Routes section & sub-sections are the following:


  • Browse Trip Report Database (User-submitted reports which can displaymany trip-related things such as technical details, journals,  gps tracks, maps, advice, photos, various files to be uploaded/downloaded)  etc.
  • Route Info - description of most possible routes in Canada & many from the US, sorted by province/state & by region - huge wealth of information gathered by Allan Jacobs who has worked on this for a few years, donating his time - this has been transferred from the forums, where it was originally gathered
  • Route Resources - large collection of reference books, papers, websites, sources etc. to enable paddlers to get background material on areas they are thinking of paddling.  There is a national level & province/territory level for this information.  Again, all this has been collected by Allan Jacobs.
  • Nastawgan - the quarterly journal of the Wilderness Canoe Association - is gradually being made available to CCR users.  All are now directly available on the CCR site, except for the most recent year which is only available to WCA (Wilderness Canoe Association) members.

    Add Trip Report - a much improved form for CCR members to contribute trip reports to the site - now open!

    Routes Search - this is specifically a search of the Routes Database, not a general site search.  The Routes Search Engine has been improved - you can make a request for a search based on filling only one field, several fields or all fields.