Coulonge - Lac Green to Fort Coulonge

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Daniel Elia
Trip Date : 
August 2018
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201 km
12 days
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4400 m
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900 m
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Hwy 117 (Put in): (364900E/5232700N)

ATV Trail w. end of Lac Nichcotéa: (341600E/5223000N)

ATV Trail @ end of Lac Desty: (337200E/52229000N) ATV Trail @ end of Lac D’arcy: (332600E/5223600N) ATV Trail @ bottom of Lac Giroux: (330100E/5222600N) Bridge above Pomponne: (326800E/5209900N)

Bridge @ Portage below Pomponne: (325900E/5206200N) Road along river until (327500E/5185800N)

Road running parallel to river: (332700E/5174900N) ATV Trail @: (3359000E/5166600N)

Bridge (possibly not there): (356200E/5135100N)

ATV Trail @: (366700E/5101700N)

ATV Trail @: (364100E/5094300N) Road from: (367600E/5089500N) Pick up: (368900E/5081700N)

Technical Guide: 

12 day August 2018@ ?

Put in: Lac Larouche (beside Lac Green)



Lac Green – Grande Lac – Lac Nichcolea – Lac Desty – Lac Giroux – Lac Nelligan – Lac Avers – Lac Ward – Lac Pomponne – Coulonge River


Portage to Lac Barrage @ big beach campsite

Portage RR to Grand Lac (100m)

Campsite on Grand Lac Island


to Lac Nichotea

to Lac Desty

to Lac D’Arcy

to Lac Giroux (slick island campsite RR before dam)

Campsite @ dam Portage RL


Set after dam, very ledgy, Portage RR (75m)

to Lac Avers

Rapids Pork – hard to scout, plus a few ledges, real pushy - Portage RL (400m)

to Lac Palis (really nice section)

to Lac Ward – campsite spot in woods, nice

Sets before Lac Pomponne, super fun standing waves

Lac Pomponne set HUGE, big hole at the end, Portage RL (100m)

Campsite RR, beside abandoned campervan


Many fine/fun sets to run in this section

Cascades de Ratardeau – Paddle signals to RL stop, Line RL, then Portage RL (100m) with campsite at end

Chute Perley – Portage RL (400m), campsite at end

Sets after Chute Perley (two) are ledgy and can be lined RL

Campsite on RL, sand bar


Bunch of swifts, no scouting needed

Super great current

Great campsite RL @ Riviere De La Corneille

Campsite on beach before Chute Gauthier


No swifts

Chute Cauthier, spacey campsite at end Portage RR (800m), whacky portage, campsite a plenty


Swifts, Rapides Wolfe indistinguishable

Chute du Diable, slick campsite at end Portage RR (400m)

Petit Rapides Devil – indistinguishable

Set after has super fun standing waves

Great current until Enrages


Rapides Enrages – Portage RR (900m), campsites a plenty, middle one or end one nice


Rapides Gallinotes – CIII+/ CIV, Portage RR (800m), last portion potentially runable

Rapides Poplar – CI Swift

Set after Rapides Poplar, super fun!


Chute a L’ours - Portage RR (400m)

Two sets after Chute are CII+, try to scout RL but hard and dense bush

Set s before put in super fun!


Campsite, 10km from takeout, rocky shore RL

Terry Fox Bridge.


Takeout: RR before dam. Gravel path up to gravel road. Can walk to facility/sanctuary to see waterfall, have to pay though…


Campsite 1: Lac Larouche Group camping

Campsite 2: Grand Lac Island

Campsite 3: On Portage Trail beside Dam (Do not recommend)

Campsite 4: Campsite RR after Lac Pomponne set

Campsite 5: Campsite RL on side of river, beach

Campsite 6: Campsite on beach before Chute Gauthier RL

Campsite 7: Chute Gauthier RR

Campsite 8: Chute du Riable RR

Campsite 9: Rapides Enrages RR

Campsite 10: Chute a l’ours RR

Campsite 11: Rocky shore RL 10 km before takeout

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