English River Indian Lake to Sioux Lookout

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Ben Berthiaume
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June 4th 2023
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120 km
5 days
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1500 m
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600 m
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This trip report is a small piece of a larger expedition. For the full map and more info about the expedition you can go to the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100090981433745.

Our start was at Sandbar Provincial park. We worked through Sandbar, Indian, and Barrell lakes of the Agimak river system. The portage around Agimak falls was hard to find but on river right. It connected to a 4wheeler trail that led to a campsite at the base of the falls. Lots of trash at this site. We met with the English River on Barrell Lake and followed the river through Press, Jarvis, and Flying Loon, and Loggers, Minnitaki, Abrams, and Pelican lakes. Take out could be the Sioux Lookout beach.

Technical Guide: 

Sandbar lake had a nice campground that would be good for starting a trip. There is a portage into Little Indian lake that cuts quickly through the bush to the road and then we portaged north along the road to a boat landing.

Little Indian and Indian lakes didn't have much for establsihed campsites. We found one at the north end of Indian Lake. Make sure to check out the giant sand bar on Indian! The water was high when we showed up so it was submerged and let us walk well into the lake. there is also a pictograph set shortly after the sandbar. 

We portaged a small rapid at the end of Indian Lake that was flowing under a road next to Agimak Outfitters. Next we paddled some small rapids as we approached Indian Lake Falls. The portage was hard to find but on the right. We found a faint trail that connected to a 4wheeler trail which led to the bottom of the falls. It had a campsite but it was filled with trash. 

Barrell lake was beautiful but didn't seem to have much for camping. We traced the north shore to the outlet. It had a faint pictograph set along that shore. We ran the first marked rapid on the L branch then potaged the 2nd marked rapid. 

The next marked rapid was at the entrance to Jarvis Lake and had a portage trail on the Left with a pretty good campsite with a bedrock slab next to the trail. We were able to run this rapid.

The rapid into Flying Loon Lake was more complicated so we used the trail on the right side.

The next set of rapids split around an island. We took the left channel and found a rough trail on the right that took us around a small falls.

The following rapid had no portage trail so we cut a rought rail on the left side. Then there were many pinches and bends in the river creating unmarked rapids and large swifts that we were able to read and run.

I think we ran the next rapid with 4 bars. I can't remember any portage trail.

The outlet rapid near loggers lake was pretty complicted but had a trail on the right.

The six bar rapids had a rough trail on the left that at most skipped the first two bars. then we lined a third of the rapid then ran the large standing waves at the bottom of the rapid. 

The next three bar rapid was easily run at our water level.

The next two rapids were lined down until we reached the falls where an awesome campsite and a portage trail were found on the right. This location is a fish sanctuary in May and June so know the regulations before fishing. 

The rest of the paddle through lake chains had little to no camping and the rapiids linking the large lakes were FILLED with motorboats making it pretty dangerous to run as the boats could go up and down the rapids at high speeds. We almost got run into at abrams rapids.



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