Groundhog River to Fauquier

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166 km
7 days
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2885 m
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550 m
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Not applicable
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Access by CNR
Start 1.6 km north of Groundhog Lake

At 6 km
Fast water encountered
P 140 m R around rapid
P 90 m R around rapid
P 85 m R around rapid

At 13 km
Old Hwy 101 starting point
P 400 m L around rapid or CBR in low water
(option – run chute and P 150 m L around falls

At 16.4 km
(after Vimy Creek)
1200 m long section of rapids with drop of 30 m
Keep to left channel
P 400 m L

At 20 km
Long (1200 m with 2 m drop) stretch of rapids
Partial run, then P 140 m L around unrunnable portion

At 23.6 km
400 m before Scorch Creek
Rapids with no obvious portage
CBR or carry over rocks on right

At 27 km
P 550 m R around unrunnable rapids

At 30 km
Set of rapids and 3 m waterfall
Carry over rocks on left side
Put in below the falls

At 33.6 km
Set of unrunnable rapids with sharp bend in the middle
P 80 m R over ridge

At 38.4 km
Small rapids – no portage – CBR

At 41.6 km
P 300 m R around rapid along old tote road or CBR
Immediately after, two small rapids CBR

At 56 km
Shortly after the river turns in a westerly direction
Just beyond a small island, the river narrows
Small but dangerous rapid spills into a small pool
No portage – CBR or carry over on left side

Six Mile Rapids – long stretch of boulder garden
No developed portages, but at least 3 spots where short carries are required around small falls.
Some lining and wading required in this section also

Past confluence with Ivanhoe River
Past junction with Montcalm Creek

Calm, but bouldery section 16 km long follows

Past confluence with Nat River
A number of rapids in this section – line or run
Past confluence with Otapingshewee River

At 117 km
Ten Mile Rapids (actually 8 km long)
First portion 1.6 km long
Quiet section 2.4 km long
Second section 1.5 km long
Continuous boulder garden with at least two drops

At 138 km
Past junction with Slack Creek
Past junction with Stringer Creek
1.5 m falls located 3.2 km after Stringer Creek
After 4 km, another falls
P 200 m R around these falls
Past junction with South Creek
Bouldery section of river with rapids
P across island in middle of final rapid of this set

At 148 km
Take left channel around Brenner Island
Small rapid in this left channle just after Nansen Creek
Calm water for 5 km

Finish at town of Fauquier (Hwy 11)
Road and rail access at this point

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Provincial Series Maps 42 B/SE Foleyet 42 B/NE Elsas 42 G/SE Kapuskasing
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The Groundhog River continues on for another 315 km to James Bay


Post date: Tue, 10/14/2008 - 16:27


Our 7 day trip brought us from Groundhog Lake to Fauquier. This route had many great stretches of whitewater, particularly 6 and 10 mile rapids. However, expect long stretches of flat water in between falls, especially before the new dam about 15 km before Fauquier. This river is quite canoe friendly, as many rapids are runnable, and the portages are lite. This river has several access points, so don't expect to be totally alone. Overall, it was a good trip and beautiful river, despite the upstream effects from the hydroelectric dam.

Post date: Sat, 01/01/2000 - 07:00


Waterfall 7.2 km after Stringer Creek have been dammed up, but portage is still availble. Also, falls prior to that and much of river upstream to 10 Mile Rapids is much like a large lake.

Post date: Sat, 01/01/2000 - 07:00


We had difficulty finding good campsites along the route for a group with 3 tents. Rapids were good and required very few portages--just the falls.

Post date: Sat, 01/01/2000 - 07:00


I have taken this trip 2 times, but continued on to moosonee. It is beautiful, challenging, and amazing. The camp sites are spread out, but good when you find them. In low water get ready to get your feet wet. In high water, enjoy the ride.

Post date: Sat, 01/01/2000 - 07:00


This river has held me close to its waters for many years. Trying to keep it clean and flowing free is a constant battle but it is well worth it for all it has given back to me and friend. Rafting Canoeing Kayaking Camping on the river I did many times. I can talk up a huge wave If anyone wants to share paddle thoughts.

Post date: Sun, 01/06/2008 - 21:16


Adam Mohammed makes note of the 1992 hydro dam that was built. It is still not on any topo map or any Canadian publication. Most paddlers are taking out at this point for the short 18 km drive into Fauquier. Considering there is poor camping at the dam and nothing downstream it makes sense to end the trip at the dam unless continuing north past Fauquier.