Haliburton Highlands Water Trails - Dan Lake -> McKewan ->Horse and back

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Sept 10-12 2021
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5 km
2 days
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300 m
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215 m
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Not applicable
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We used the unofficial Dan Lake access point.  Dan Lake Road is a bit sketchy, but we managed ok going slow in my golf.  Wouldn't recomend taking anything lower through the road. 

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Fairly striaght forward we put in at Dan lake, kicked out the passengers at the dan->mcKewan portage, paddled the boat through solo, and picked them up on the other side, then paddled down to the mckewan->horse lake portage.  It's a little soft there, but there is a plank you can stand on to load/unload.  The portage is in pretty nice shape, they added some new boardwalks this season (2021). 

While we were there we checked out site #5, which is pretty sweet, and stayed on site #7 for two days.  

This was a nice easy trip to introduce some new campers to the concept of back country camping.  Getting to/from the site from Dan lake access only took about 2 hours, and that was with a lunch break.


Technically it's a 2 portage route, but you can skip the one from Dan>McKewan when the waters high and the boats not sitting to low.  It's a bit tricky, and the rocks are covered in paint chips, but i've nagivated it a couple times now this summer without any mishaps.

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