Lonely - Maria Route

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83 km
5 days
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5325 m
Longest Portage: 
830 m
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Day One (18 km / 1 portage totalling 830 m)
Start at access point on Nym Lake (off Hwy 11)
South through Nym Lake
P 830 m to Batchewaung Lake
West then south through Batchewaung Lake
South through Little Batchewaung Bay
South then east through Batchewaung Bay
East through Pickerel Narrows
Camp at east end of Pickerel Narrows night one
Day Two (18 km / 3 portages totalling 1330 m)

East then south through Pickerel Lake
P 140 m to Pine Portage Bay
West through Pine Portage Bay
P 460 m to Dore Lake
To south end of Dore Lake
P 730 m to Twin Lakes
South through Twin Lakes
South on Deux Rivieres
South through Sturgeon Lake
Camp on Sturgeon Lake night two
Day Three (19 km / 2 portages totalling 220 m

To southern end of Sturgeon Lake
Southwest through Sturgeon Narrows
Northwest through east end of Sturgeon Lake
P 100 m L to Lonely Creek
North on Lonely Creek
P 120 m L to Lonely Lake
West then north into Lonely Lake
Camp on Lonely Lake night three
Day Four (18 km / 6 portages totalling 2115 m)

North out of Lonely Lake into Lonely Creek
P 120 m
P 35 m into Walter Lake
North through Walter Lake
P 240 m to Elizabeth Lake
North straight across west end of Elizabeth Lake
P 740 m to Jesse Lake
North through Jesse Lake
P 710 m to Maria Lake
Northeast through Maria Lake
P 270 m to Pickerel Lake
North then west through Pickerel Lake
Northwest through Batchewaung Bay
Northeast into Little Batchewaung Bay
Camp on Little Batchewaung Bay night four
Day Five (10 km / 1 portage totalling 830 m)

North through Little Batchewaung Bay
Northeast through Batchewaung Lake
P 830 m to Nym Lake
North through Nym Lake to finish at access point

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Quetico Provincial Park map published by the Quetico Foundation Fisher Maps F-24, F-25, F-29