Rouge River to Lake Ontario

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This is a really easy, pleasant paddle from Glen Rouge campground off Kingston Road, to Lake Ontario, and back if you wish.

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The round trip (to Lake Ontario and back) can be done in 2 hours in late May when the water is lazy, but take 3 and enjoy the sights! There's a lot of bird life and the river is thickly forested on all sides. There are some extensive marshes near the lake and a sandy beach where at the river mouth. As an alternative you can start at the very eastern end of Lawrence Ave and paddle up to 401/Kingston Road and back.


Post date: Fri, 05/25/2012 - 10:26


DO you have cano rental office there?

Post date: Wed, 06/24/2009 - 21:40


An alternate put in is Rouge Beach 195 Rouge Hills Drive in Scarborough (free) if you don't want to pay at the campground, you can then paddle upstream past the 401 - and Hwy 2 this is a "novice" trip you could make with no problems at all regardless of experiance - we did this trip only the 2nd time we ever had the kids in our canoe and it was great so don't hesitate if you are new to canoeing- it's a great starter trip. Kids will love running around under the 401 bridge and we did see several birds including a blue heron so bring your camera.

On the way back we ventured out onto lake ontario (sticking to the shore) and paddled around where you can get a very private strip of beach - tons of driftwood so bring a lighter and some hot dogs and some cold beverages - kids will love it and the privacy is great as most poeople can't walk to some of the sections.

Very scenic, calm paddle.