Temagami Canoe Routes – Route #13: Anima-Nipissing/Lady Evelyn Lake Loop

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120 km
6 days
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7000 m
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2710 m
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Hwy 11, 45km North of the Town of Temagami to Hwy 558
20km West on Hwy 558 to Mowat Landing, Temagami access point #1
Put-In at Mowat Landing Dock on Montreal River
15km paddle S/S/E on Montreal River to Bay Lake
5km paddle S/S/E on Bay Lake to portage
P 1710m to Anima-Nipissing Lake
9km paddle S/S/W on Anima-Nipissing Lake (upper section)
3km paddle W thru to Anima-Nipissing Lake (lower section)
6km paddle S/S/W to McLean Lake
3km paddle S/S/W to portage
P 670m to Carrying Lake
1km paddle W on Carrying Lake to portage
P 620m to Red Squirrel Lake
1km paddle S/W – round point – 1.5km paddle N
Turn W – 1km paddle W to portage
600m portage to Anima-Nipissing River
Meander downstream 1km to Sandy Inlet
Sandy Inlet is the upper section of Ferguson Bay (Lake Temagami)
3.5km paddle W on Sandy Inlet to portage
P 760m to North Arm (Lake Temagami)
4km paddle W on North Arm and Sharp Rock Inlet thru islands
2.5km paddle N thru upper leg to portage
P 70m to Diamond Lake
5.5km paddle N/N/E on Diamond into the upper arm
Turn E thru small cut in bedrock thru to south end of Lady Evelyn Lake
5km paddle N/E on lower arm of Lady Evelyn Lake
Turn left, 2.5km paddle W/N/W thru narrows to portage
P 490m to unnamed lake
1km paddle N/W on unnamed lake to portage
P 500m to Willow Island Lake
1km paddle N/E on Willow Island Lake, turn right
2km paddle thru narrow upper arm of Willow Island Lake
7km paddle N/E thru Sucker Gut Lake
Round island, 2km paddle S/E into (lower) Lady Evelyn Lake
4km paddle E on (lower) Lady Evelyn Lake
Turn left, 1km paddle N/E thru Obisaga Narrows
(Narrows between lower and upper section of Lady Evelyn Lake
3km paddle N/E thru Obashingwakoba Narrows to main body of lake
8km paddle E on (upper) Lady Evelyn Lake, turn left
7km paddle N/N/E on Lady Evelyn River to Mattawpika Dam
P 260m to Montreal River
2km paddle N/E to Mowat Landing, Take-Out

Trip Journal/Log/Report/Diary: 

For the record our trip was as follows:

Day 1 Mowat Landing to Bay Lake at the portage to Anima Nipissing. Campsite was very small just off to the right of the portage. According to the map, I don’t think this was a designated campsite on the map, but it made due.
Day 2 Bay Lake to Anima Nipissing Lake. Portage was long but not difficult. It took us approx one and a half hours to complete it. That’s double carrying, plus another carry for one other pack. (We’ve really got to get this down to one less pack!)Our campsite was about half way down the lower section of the lake, directly across from the portage into Whitewater Lake. Nice large campsite, with a great view.
Day 3 was thru Carrying Lake, into Red Squirrel Lake, thru to Sandy Inlet. We camped on the north shore of Sandy Inlet which was a very nice campsite. Sandy beach and we had direct access to our parked vehicle with our “stash”. Main problem is that it is a very popular and very busy spot. We had originally planned to camp south of the Camp
Wanapitei, but this day’s paddle proved to be longer that we anticipated. (Let’s face it; we were just too lazy to paddle to another campsite. Especially with our stash vehicle so close.) All the portages presented no problems. Fairly easy portaging all around.
Day 4 Lay-over. Couldn’t have been better planned. Just so happened the wind came up and we all agreed we were in better shape staying put where we were instead of having to travel. We spent the day watching other canoes battle the wind and waves, and Dan rigged up his sail and went sailing for a couple hours.
Day 5From Sandy Inlet to the southern tip of (lower) Lady Evelyn Lake. By this time we (us chickens) had already made up our minds we didn’t want to climb Maple Mountain. So we thought we might instead spend the time and camp on Diamond Lake. It just so happened that the winds came up while we were traveling thru Diamond Lake so we decided to push on. We camped at the last (northerly) campsite on the right hand side along the narrow southerly section of Lady Evelyn Lake. This was a larger more comfortable campsite; however I have neglected to mention so far that we were traveling under a total fire restriction. An evening fire might have been nice. The fire ban wasn’t lifted until a week or so after we finished our trip!
Day 6Lady Evelyn to Sucker Gut Lake. This would have been our push to Maple Mountain by going to Hobart Lake. Hike up Maple Mountain the next day and spend a second night on Hobart Lake. But us chickens (to remain un-named) decide to forego Maple Mountain and we camped at the north end of Sucker Gut Lake. In this area we found all the campsites to be small and rocky.
Day 7Without the climb to Maple Mountain we thought we may make this another short paddling day. Our plans were dashed when it ended up being our only miserable rainy day of the trip. Best just to keep on paddling in the rain. Besides, as long as we could make distance across Lady Evelyn, the better. We really didn’t want to get wind bound if we could help it. And Lady Evelyn is the place to worry about wind. The wind and waves became a nuisance at the top end of (lower) Lady Evelyn Lake. Just before going through the narrows into the upper section. We checked out the campsites along the way but nothing looked inviting. We pushed all the way to the east end of Lady Evelyn (winds weren’t a problem now) to a campsite south of the entrance to Lady Evelyn River. Apparently Dan had camped here some 15 years prior on a fishing trip. This was another very small and rocky campsite. If we had found a better campsite we might have stayed for our intended 10 days. As it was we did stay two nights here and headed out on Day 9.

Day 9Up the Lady Evelyn River to the Dam. Short portage back into the Montreal River and a couple km paddle to Mowat’s Landing.

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OTHER MAPS Chrismar – Temagami 1 Northeast Temagami Canoe Routes Planning Map (MNR)
Special Comments: 

This is a slight deviation to the Route #13 described in the Temagami Canoe Routes Planning Map. This variation removes some of the large lake travel of the lower Lady Evelyn Lake, and allows an easy side trip to Maple Mountain if desired. The three of us, Dan, Bob and myself Don, came up with this route plan with the Maple Mountain climb in mind, however when it came right down to the nitty-gritty we decided to abandon this side trip. Maybe another time.

The standard route is described as 6-7 days. With our variation we lengthened it to 10 days. This allowed us time for the Maple Mountain hike, and a couple lay-over days in case of bad weather. As I said we didn’t take the Maple Mountain hike and we ended up a total of 9 days, which included two lay-over days.

The most significant alteration to this trip was the stashing of supplies at approximately the halfway point. Halfway in this instance being distance rather than number of days. On our way north we drove in Red Squirrel Road to the public parking area at the north end of Sandy Inlet. There we left a vehicle with food/drink/clothes, all we needed for the rest of the trip other than the first 3 days which forms the majority of the portaging. This was great. It meant we didn’t have to carry 6 days of supplies over the longest portages! Due to our “stash” we purposefully made our first lay-over day on Sandy Inlet.

This being my first time to the Temagami area I would have to say it was very enjoyable. The scenery was beautifully varied along the route. I found the majority of the campsites to be lacking as to the size and overall appeal as campsites go. But then, as I mentioned this was my first time to Temagami and I certainly didn’t see what ALL the campsites had to offer.
We ended up traveling farther that we probably had to on a couple days, which explains why we finished a day early. But, better to move on when the paddling is good than to end up wind bound. The only significant area of concern is Lady Evelyn Lake. The prevailing westerly winds were in our favor but it must be kept in mind that the larger expanse of Lady Evelyn (lower and upper sections) will present a problem in wind. If possible, travel these sections in early morning when the winds are typically low.


Post date: Mon, 03/29/2010 - 00:47


How long does it take from Mowat's landing to Latchford? How's the current going from Latchford to Mowat's landing?

Post date: Sun, 06/22/2008 - 17:27


Mc Lean to Carrying Lake Portage can be shortened by going down the channel 200 meters. Check for sweepers before doing that; there is some current. Portage takeout is on the right immediately after the channel empties onto a pond. Portage goes up a slight elevation gain and comes to a T; turn left. Sometimes this may be safer than boulder hopping over the start of the portage at the McLean end.

760 out of Sandy Bay starts quite steeply but after 50 m levels off.

Add to this sentence:

Turn E thru small cut in bedrock thru to south end of Lady Evelyn Lake

Check cut before proceeding. It was a meter high waterfall. Portage on left.
Cached boats may be there for a reason.

Another approach may be to park at Anima Nipissing and start toward Red Squirrel. This puts the long portage at the end. I stashed gear at the Latchford Info center so I could single carry my boat over the 2710 (not 1710 thats a typo) meter portage, paddle the 6 km to my car and drive back to the info center to retreive the rest.