Tim River - Access pt 2 - Algonquin Park to Rosebary Lake (round trip)

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Justin Mahoney
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Jun 27, 2022 to July 3, 2022
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50 km
7 days
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600 m
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400 m
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The put-in location is Access Point 2 of Algonquin Park. Proceed to the town of Kearney and find the Town Office (brick municipality building centrally located). This is a small town, so ask anyone for a building with that description and they will tell you the direction to get there. Go into the office and ask someone in the Park Rangers' office to print you off a copy of your camping reservations and parking permit. They will also provide you with a garbage disposal bag and directions to get to the actual put-in for the river. Remember  to reserve your camping spots a few weeks in advance if you would like the prime locations along the route. You can also book your reservations on site, but I recommend booking online ahead of time.

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We had plenty of food for the 7 day trip and proper clothing.

A bear barrel is essential for these trips and can be found on kijiji or other locations quite easily. It should be at 50L barrel; the 20L barrel is a little small, at least for 2 people's food items.

Remember, no glass is allowed, there is a fine for bringing in glass items. Bug spray are clothing for all possible conditions (rain, cold, heat) is necessary. If I were to do this trip again, I would be sure to bring 2 dozen oranges to pack in the bear barrel. I would also also bring 2 dozen cooked eggs for a protein source; this cuts down on the weight for carrying cans of food, such as beans and canned ham.


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Beautiful trip - to add details of each day

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Day 1 - to Chibiabos


Day 2 - to Rosebary Lake


Day 3 & 4 - Explored around Rosebary Lake region - to Longbow Lake for fishing


Day 4 - Returned to Tim Lake and camped on the main island on the North Side


Day 7 - struck camp around 10am after a nice swim and returned to the car around 1pm


Beautiful trip with lots of wildlife (moose, geese, ducks, numerous plants)

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Day 1 - arrived at put-in -> paddled in to Tim River (about 3-4 km) -> portaged to our campsite at Chibiabos Lake

Day 2 - continued.