Wolf Creek, near Killarney Provincial Park.

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Dave Bailey
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August 22, 2020
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7 km
1 days
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0 m
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0 m
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Launch is located beside Highway 637 at 46.112091, -81.080263, south west side of bridge.  Good quality launch site, also used by boaters with trailers, but there is enough parking to accomodate a number of vehicles. 

Technical Guide: 

Wolf Creek is all flat water, slow moving current, and straight, with a fairly wide central channel flanked by copious amounts of water lilies. It is possible to go much further than the three and a half km stretch we did, but we only went to where the river widens at 46.107199, -81.039958. At that point you can go south into Spoon Lake, or straight across into a very weedy and small lake. From that point you can go north up a long channel, or east along a narrow but interesting looking extension. 

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This was a very pleasant couple of hours, and we plan on doing it again, but exploring further. We saw otters on the north bank a few hundred metres after launching, but that was the extent of the wildlife. Fishing was lousy, with only a few weak taps, but that may be a midday thing. There were a couple of other canoes, but no powerboats, the ones that had put in there earlier had either gone further than we did, or west into Tyson Lake. Everything was peaceful and quiet. 

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Printing off a Google satellite picture should be good enough, there aren't any rapids to avoid as far as I know, and the routes are fairly straight.
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