Those of us with a background in lake and river paddling, even those comfortable in big water, might reflect on whether we possess the knowledge, equipment and skills necessary to deal with the very different hazards associated with coastal paddling. A course or a guided trip might be a good idea before attempting any of the coastal Routes described in the links given below.
From what I've read, every responsible paddler carries a VHF radio and is well versed in its operation.
Sea Conditions Rating System, by Eric Soares: ... ingsystem/
Sea and Sea Kayak Paddler Ratings: ... ings2.html
Ocean Canoeing; some basics:
SGrant. Thoughtful, thorough article, followed by discussion; highly recommended. ... 10&t=24193

Ed note:
A west to east sort would make more sense than a alphabetical sort but the software used when these links are transferred to the new Routes will do an alphabetical sort anyway.

Admiralty Island.
Location: Juneau.
Author: Umnak.
Route description: Douglas, Point Arden, along Glass Peninsula to Point Hugh. One group: around Glass Peninsula, through Seymour Canal to Juneau, with detour to Baranof Warm Springs. Other group: Gambia Bay, Pybus, Frederick Sound, Point Gardner, Chatham Strait, Baranof Hot Springs, Baranof Island, Chichigof Island, Admiralty Island.

Blackstone Bay.
Location: Whittier.
Author: PatriotBliss.
Route description: Approximately 20 miles from Whittier by paddle or water taxi. Explore bay and return.

Katmai National Park. Information.
Location: Kodiak.
Katmai National Park and Preserve. ... x?ParkID=7

Katmai National Park. Online,
Author: Mary C. Wilding.
Route description: Ferry from Homer Spit to Kodiak Island and Port Lions. Float plane to Katmai National Park and Preserve, to Geographic Bay and outfitter. Boat used as base for day kayak trips. Return flight to Kodiak, ferry to Homer.

Kenai Peninsula. Information.
Location: Homer.
Kenai Fjords National Park. ... x?ParkID=8

Kenai Peninsula. Online,
Author: lyngo.
Route description: Lowell Point, Resurrection Bay, Fox Island, Bear Glacier, Cape Aialik, Aialik Fjord, Aialik Glacier, Pederson Glacier, Abra Cove, Northwest Fjord, Two Arm Bay, Cloudy Mountain, MacArthur Pass, North Arm (Nuka Bay), Pete’s Cove, Tonsina Bay, Picnic Harbor, Rocky Bay, Port Chatham, Port Graham, Seldovia, Kachemak Bay, Homer.

Ketchikan. Online.
Author: fercott.
Ed note: The post is nothing but a plug for the outfitter. After some thought, I decided to list it in order to alert paddling community of the opportunity.
Route description: Day trip in “Orca Cove”.

Ketchikan to Haines. Inside passage.
Author: Umnak.
Route description: Ketchikan, Cleveland Peninsula, Ernest Sound, Zomovia Strait, Dry Strait, Frederick Sound, Petersburg, Cape Fanshaw, Stephen’s Passage, Favorite Channel, Lynn Canal, Haines; bypassed Wrangell, Petersburg and Juneau.

Kodiak Island. Online, Journal, Photos.
Author: Gail E Ferris.
Ed note: The author is a naturalist.
Route description: Day trips from Kodiak. Near Island; Spruce Island; Popof Island, Crooked Island, Holiday Island, Woody Island and Shakafka Cove; Puffin Island, Womans Bay, Cliff Island, Cliff Point; Fort Abercrombie, Anton Larsen Bay. Ground trips and Baranov Museum.
Title at source: Kodiak Alaska to Paddle, Study the Aleut Baidarka and Adventures in Fine Driving: the Time I rented a Ford Fiesta.

Kuiu Island; Kake to Tebenkof Bay; return. Online, Journal.
Source: PaddleWise library.
Author: Rev. Bob Carter.
Route description: Ferry from Sitka to Kake, Kuiu Island, Bay of Pillars, Tebenkof Bay; return.
Title at source: Tebenkof Bay, Alaska.

Misty Fjords National Monument. Information.
Misty Fjords National Monument. ... ?ParkID=54

Misty Fjords National Monument.
ALLAN: Link to Misty Fjords National Monument Information.
Naha Wilderness Area (Part of Tongass National Forest; best link found): ... k_ton2.htm
Author: Kim Kirby.
Route description: Fly or ferry from Ketchikan to Revillagigedo Island. Settlers Cove, Loring, Naha Wilderness Recreation Area, Roosevelt Lagoon, Jordan Lake cabin,West Behm Channel, Indian Point, Blind Pass cabin, Bailey Bay, hike to Lake Shelokum, Anchor Pass cabin, mouth of Unuk River, East Behm Channel, Hut Point, Walker Fjord, Rudyerd Bay, Punchbowl Cove, hike to Punchbowl Lake, Nooya Lake trailhead, Winstanley Island and Lake, Point Alava.

Misty Fjords National Monument; loop trip from Ketchikan. Online, Journal, Photos.
ALLAN: Link to Misty Fjords National Monument Information.
Source: Private site.
Authors: David and Pearl.
Ed notes:
1. Campsites are denoted by (C).
2. Place names were taken from the report; they were not checked on maps.
3. Segment 4 (of 4) of continuous Inside Passage trip from Port Hardy BC. ... 202009.htm
Route description: Ketchikan, Revillagigedo Channel, Behm Canal, north of Alava Bay (C), Smeaton Island, Checat's Cove (C), Punchbowl Cove (C; hike to Punchbowl Lake); side trip (Rudyerd Bay, Nooya Creek, hike to Nooya Lake, return); Rudyerd Bay, Hut Point (C); day trip up Walker Cove; Chickamin River, Saks Cove (C), Behm Canal, past Burroughs Bay, past Anchor Pass, Bell Arm (C), Short Bay (C), Blind Passage, Gedney Island, Brow Point (C), Traitor Cove, Escape Point, toward Indian Point, Cache Island, Stack Island (C), Clover Passage, past Settler's Cove, Survey Point, Tongass Narrows, Ward Cove (C), Revillagigedo Channel, Ketchikan.
Title at source: Ketchikan to Misty Fiords.
Report: ... Fiords.htm

Passage Canal.
Location: Whittier.
Author: Jeremy.
Route description (day trip): Small boat harbour in Whittier, Passage Canal, clockwise loop, return.
Title at source: Prince William Sound.

Petersburg to Juneau.
Author: Umnak.
Route description: Petersburg (by ferry from Juneau), Wrangell Narrows, Sumner Strait, Cape Decision, east coast of Chatham Strait, Kuiu Island, Frederick Sound, Point Gardner, west coast of Admiralty Island, Point Retreat, Juneau (near).
Title at source: Sumner Strait to Chatham Strait.

Point Barrow. Online, Journal, Photos.
Author: Gail E Ferris.
Route description: Point Barrow, Brant Point, Tekegakrok, near East Twin Lake, mouth of Mayoeak River, Point Barrow.
Title at source: Excursion in Sea Kayaking at Barrow Alaska. ... Alaska.htm
Text-only version (same title): ... Barrow.txt

Prince Rupert to Ketchikan. Inside Passage. Online, Journal, Photos.
Source: Private site.
Authors: David and Pearl.
Ed notes:
1. Campsites are denoted by (C).
2. Title needs expanding.
3. Place names were taken from the report; they were not checked on maps.
4. Segment 3 (of 4) of continuous Inside Passage trip from Port Hardy BC. ... 202009.htm
Route description:
Title at source: Prince Rupert to Ketchikan.
Report: Prince Rupert, Venn Passage, Pike Island, Devastation Island (C; southwest of Metlakatla), Lucy Islands, Melville Island (C), Prince Leboo Island, Dundas Island (C; west of Goose Bay), US border, Cape Fox, Foggy Bay, Revillagigedo Channel, Behm Channel, Alava Point (near; C), Cynthia Island (near; C), Tongass Narrows, Thomas Basin and Customs, Ketchikan (C), ... chikan.htm

Prince Rupert to Skagway. Inside Passage. Online, Journal, Photos.
Source: Private site.
Author: Denis Dwyer.
Auke Bay campground.
Oceanside campground (Haines).
Pullen Creek campground (Skagway).
Ed notes:
1. Title should be expanded.
2. Campsites are denoted by (C).
3. Segment of an Inside Passage Route from San Jaun Islands WA to Skagway AK.
4. Place names were taken from the report; they were not checked on maps.
Route description: Prince Rupert, Metlakatla, Venn Passage, Duncan Bay, Ryan Point (C), Chatham Sound, Big Bay, Finlayson Island, Flewin Point (C), across Portland Inlet, Boston Islands, US border, across Tongass Passage, Lincoln Channel, Kanagunut Island (C), Nakat Bay, Tongass Island, Cape Fox (C), north of Cape Fox (C), Dixon Entrance, Foggy Bay, Kirk Point, island off Kah Shakes Point (C), Boca De Quadra Inlet, Point Sykes, Behm Channel, Point Alava, Lucky Cove, Cone Point, Revillagigedo Channel, Ketchikan (“C”), Tongass Narrows, Ward Cove, Mud Bay, Point Higgins (C), Behm Canal, Caamano Point, Clarence Strait, Niblack Point (C), Cleveland Peninsula, Ship Island, Meyers Chuck (C), Lemesurier Point, Union Point, Vixen Point, Emerald Bay, Seward Passage, Sunny Bay and Change Island (C), Anan Bay, Blake Island (C), Blake Channel, Eastern Passage, Wrangell (“C”), Kadin Island, Greys Island, Rynda Island, Dry Strait, Frederick Sound, Mitkof Island, LeConte Bay, Wrangell Narrows, Petersburg (“C”), Sukoi Islands, Point Agassiz , Wood Point, past Thomas Point, bay north of Cape Vandeput (C), Grand Point, Bay Point, Cape Fanshaw and Stephens Passage, Storm Island, Whitney Island (C), cross Port Houghton, island in Hobart Bay (C), Point League, Point Lookout, Sand Bay (C), Point Astley, cross Holkham Bay, Harbor Island, Snettisham Peninsula, Point Anmer (C), cross Port Snettisham, Point Styleman, entrance toTaku Harbor, Circle Point, Taku Inlet (C), Point Salisbury, Gastineau Channel, Juneau (Aurora Harbor; “C”), Mendenhall Bar wetlands (stranded), cross Auke Bay, Auke Bay campground (C), Lynn Canal, mouth of the Eagle River, Point Bridget on Berners Bay (C), beach south of Sherman Point (C), beach near Eldred Rock (C), Chilkoot Inlet, mouth of the Katzehin River, Haines and Oceanside Campground (C), Tanani Bay the mouth of Lutak Inlet, Taiya Point and Taiya Inlet, Skagway and Pullen Creek Campground (C).
More photos: ... 8130795010

Resurrection Bay.
Location: Seward.
Author: ROB.
Route description: Overnight trip, route not specified.

Shuyak Island State Park. Information.
Location: Kodiak.
Shuyak Island State Park,

Shuyak Island State Park. Online,
Author: Dave Kubiak.
Route description: None; general description only.

Sitka to Juneau, outer Route; via Icy Strait, Cross Sound and Lynn Canal.
Author: Umnak.
Route description: Sitka (ferry terminal), Olga Strait, Neva Strait, Salisbury Sound, Kahz Peninsula, Elbow Passage, White Sulfur Hot Springs, Lisianski Strait, side trip across Icy Strait to Gustavus and Glacier Bay Lodge, past Juneau, then back.
Photos (see instructions):

Sitka - Juneau loop.
Saint Lazaria National Wildlife Refuge (outside Sitka).
Route description (loop trip): Sitka, north and east to Juneau and return, including Tracy Arm, Lisianski Inlet, Pelican, White Sulfur Hot Springs, Fern Harbor, Saint Lazaria National Wildlife Refuge; day kayaking from boat.
Title at source: Southeast Alaska.

Wrangell to Ketchikan. Online, Journal.
Source: Canadian Canoe Routes, British Columbia Forum.
Author: Freda Mellenthin.
Title at source: Lower Stikine River. Telegraph Creek to Ketchikan.
Ed note:
Place names were taken from the report; they were not checked on maps.
Route description: Wrangell (by Stikine River, from Telegraph Creek). Zimovia Narrows, Ernest Sound, Deer Island, Seward Passage, Cleveland Peninsula, Watkins Point, Eatons Point, Emerald Bay, Vixen Inlet, Union Bay, Lemesurier Point, ... , Meyers Chuck, Clarence Strait, Higgins Point (Revillagigedo Island), Tongass Narrows, Ketchikan. ... 06&t=37341