High Arctic

Soper River plus coastal Routes.

Arctic Bay (Baffin Island). Online, Journal.
Source: Guillemot Kayaks library.
Author: Gail E Ferris.
Route description: Commercial flight to Nanisivik, ride to Arctic Bay settlement; Arctic Bay, Holy Cross Point, Adams Sound; return to Arctic Bay settlement; proceed to the mouth of Adams Sound; diary ends.
Ed note: Author is a naturalist.
Title at source: Arctic Bay on Baffin Island in Canada Notes.
http://www.guillemot-kayaks.com/Trips/G ... icBay.html

Arctic Bay (Baffin Island). Online, Notes, Photo.
Author: Christian Roux.
Ed note: Perhaps the reader will find some of the logistical information useful.

Baffin Island hiking. Online, Photos.
Author: Nestor Lewyckyj.
http://lewyckyj.com/Nestor%20Rostyslaw% ... 202007.htm

Nanook River. Notes.
Location: Victoria Island.
Source: Thomas, Alister. More of Canada’s Best Canoe Routes. Boston Mills Press, Erin (2003).
Author: Bert Horwood.
Route description: To Hadley Bay.
Title at source: Five Northern Rivers: A Wanderer in Enchanted Lands: Inner Responses to the Outer Landscape.

Pond Inlet. Online, Journal, Photos.
Location: Baffin Island.
Source: Guillemot Kayaks library.
Author: Gail E Ferris, http://www.nkhorizons.com/
Route description: Pond Inlet, Salmon River mouth, Tunuiaqtalik Point, past Oliver Sound, Qobignaluk Headland, past Emmerson Island, Frechette Island, Cape Knud Jorgensen, White Bay, Curry Island, Cape Hatt, Ragged Island, beginning of Milne Inlet; turn around; Cape Hatt, Cape Knud Jorgensen, Frechette Island, Tay Sound, Qobignaluk Headland, Oliver Sound, Pond Inley. Day trip to Mount Herodier.
Ed note: Author is a naturalist.
Title at source: My Arctic Experience at Pond Inlet as a Sea Kayaker.
http://www.guillemot-kayaks.com/Trips/G ... dInlet.htm
Title at source: Sailing and the Weather at Pond Inlet, NWT, Canada 1989.
http://www.guillemot-kayaks.com/Trips/G ... dInlet.txt

Soper River. Information.
Canadian Heritage Rivers System.

Soper River. Notes.
Source: Thomas, Alister. Canada’s Best Canoe Routes.. Boston Mills Press, Erin (2001).
Author: Bruce W. Hodgins.
Route description: Panorama Flats (east of Mount Joy), Joy River confluence, Cascade River confluence, Willow River confluence, Livingston River confluence and hike, Soper Falls, Soper Lake, walk to Lake Harbour.
Title at source: Soper River: Baffin Island Enchantment.