Lake Superior

Those of us with a background in lake and river paddling, even those comfortable in big water, might reflect on whether we possess the knowledge, equipment and skills necessary to deal with the very different hazards associated with coastal paddling. A course or a guided trip might be a good idea before attempting any of the coastal Routes described in the links given below.
From what I've read, every responsible paddler carries a VHF radio and is well versed in its operation.
Sea Conditions Rating System.
Author: Eric Soares. ... ingsystem/
Sea and Sea Kayak Paddler Ratings. ... ings2.html
Ocean Canoeing; some basics.
SGrant. Thoughtful, thorough article, followed by discussion; highly recommended. ... 10&t=24193

Lake Superior. Information.
National Weather Service.
Minnesota weather. ... index.html
NOAA Marine Forecast, Lake Superior, Duluth area. ... /dlhmz.htm
NOAA National Data Buoy Center. Lake Superior.
NOAA Synoptic-scale weather maps.
Newman, Bill, Sarah Ohmann and Don Dimond. Guide to Sea Kayaking on Lakes Superior and Michigan: The Best Day Trips and Tours. Globe Pequot, Old Saybrook (year ?).
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Lake Superior Water Trail. Online, Guide, Photos.
Source: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.
Contents: Map (access points, campsite locations, rapids locations and ratings, portage locations, etc), river levels, etc.
Route description: The MN DNR maps provide full details.
Reach 1: St Louis River to Two Harbors.
Reach 2: Two Harbors to Caribou River.
Reach 3: Caribou River to Grand Marais.
Reach 4: Grand Marais to Pigeon River.
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Lake Superior Water Trail. Gooseberry Falls - Split Rock Lighthouse area. Online, Notes.
Author: Brad.
Route description:
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Michigan, Isle Royale National Park

Ed note: Isle Royale National Park is of course in Michigan, but the entries were filed under Minnesota, and I decided that they are too good to ignore.

Isle Royale National Park. Information.
Unofficial site.
Images. ... 0QGbm52cBA

Little Trout Bay ON, Grace Island, Point Houghton, Rainbow Cove, Feldtmann Lake, Grace Island, Little Trout Bay. Online, Journal, Photos.
Author not named.
Route description : Little Trout Bay (Ontario), crossing to Isle Royale, North Gap, Washington Harbor, Grace Island, South shore, Cumberland Point, Rainbow Cove, The Head, Long Point, Little Boat Harbor, Point Houghton, retreat to Fisherman's Home Cove, Rainbow Cove, Feldtmann Lake, Rainbow Cove, Grace Island, cross to Little Trout Bay.
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Little Trout Bay ON, Isle Royale circumnavigation, Little Trout Bay. Online, Journal.
Author: John Craun.
Route description: Little Trout Bay (Ontario), crossing to Windigo, Long Point, Point Houghton, Malone Bay, Siskiwit Lake, Malone Bay, Rock Harbor, Blake Point, Duncan Narrows, Five Finger Bay, Belle Isle, Todd Harbor, hike to Minong Ridge, Huginin Cove, Little Trout Bay.
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