Maine Resources

National Parks.
Acadia National Park.
Appalachian National Scenic Trail.
Maine Acadian Culture.
Roosevelt Campobello International Park.
Saint Croix Island International Historic Site.

State Parks. ... index.html

Environmental NGOs.
Nature Conservancy, Maine. ... tes/maine/
Sierra Club, Maine.

Background information, history, etc.
The Upper Saint John River Valley. A history of the communities and people.
Source: Voodoo Canoe Library.
Maine: Northern Aroostook County
New Brunswick: Madawaska and Victoria Counties
Bourque, Bruce J. Twelve Thousand Years: American Indians in Maine. Bison Books (2004).
McBride, Bunny; and Harald E L Prins. Indians in Eden: Wabanakis and Rusticators on Maine's Mount Desert Island. 1840s-1920s. Down East Books (2009).
McBride, Bunny. Women of the Dawn. Bison Books (2001).
Pawling, Micah A. Wabanaki Homeland And the New State of Maine: The 1820 Journal And Plans of Survey of Joseph Treat. University of Massachusetts Press (2007).
Sockabasin, Allen J. An Upriver Passamaquoddy. Tilbury House Publishers (2007).

Handbook of the North American Indians.
William C Sturtevant, General Editor.
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.
Volume 3: Environment, Origins, and Population.
Douglas H Ubelaker, Editor.
The natural environment of the continent to which Indian cultures adapted in prehistoric and historic times, natural resources utilized by these cultures, current knowledge of the earliest Indian occupation (before 9,000 BC), and human biology of Indian and Eskimo (Inuit) populations, prehistoric, historic and modern. 2006.
Volume 4: History of Indian-White Relations.
Wilcomb E Washburn, Editor.
History of Indian-White relations in the US and Canada following 1492. 1988.
Volume 15: Northeast.
Bruce G Trigger, Editor.
Indians from Virginia to St. Lawrence River, Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, Illinois. 1978
Volume 17: Languages.
Ives Goddard, Editor.
Native languages of North America spoken by American Indians, Eskimos, and Aleuts. 1996.

Paddling associations and clubs.
Ed note. Major sources were littleredcanoeCanoe & Kayak and Sea Kayaker.
American Whitewater - Maine. ... _state_ME_
Appalachian Mountain Club - Maine Chapter.
Knubble Bay Camp and Beal Island.
Maine Canoe and Kayak Racing Organization.
Maine Island Trail Association.
Maine Kayak Trips.
MDI Paddlers. Bar Harbour.
North Shore Paddlers’ Network.
Northeast Paddlers Message Board.
Paddle Maine.
Pemaquid Watershed Association.
Penobscot Paddle and Chowder Society.
Southern Maine Sea Kayaking Network.

Paddlers' sites.
Ed note. Major expansion is required.
Matt Hopkinson
Troy Gipps
Charles Leduc's site.
Pennsylvania Kayaking and Canoeing Group.

Paddling and related books, etc.
Ed note. The source for much of the following is littleredcanoe.
Maine Atlas and Gazetteer. DeLorme Mapping Company, Yarmouth (2006). If other sources fail, try Gil Gilpatrick's site
North Maine Woods. Campsite information, business links, etc.
Southern Piscataquis Regional Recreation Map and Guide. Appalachian Mountain Club Books (2006).
Bird, Alden. Let It Rain: The Whitewater Rivers of New England, New York, Quebec and Ontario. Malbaie Press, Bethesda. (2008).
Bumsted, Lee. Hot Showers! Maine Coast Lodgings for Kayakers and Sailors. Audenreed Press (2000).
Connely, John, Ed Grove, John Porterfield and Charlie Walbridge. Appalachian Whitewater: The Northern States. Menasha Ridge Press (2001).
Cook, Davis S. Above the Gravel Bar.[/b] Polar Bear & Company (2007).
Curran, David. [i]Canoe Trip: Alone in the Maine Wilderness.
Stackpole Books, Mechanicsburg, PA (2002).
Fiske, John (editor). AMC River Guide | Maine. Appalachian Mountain Club Books (2008)
Johnson, Shelley and Vaughan Smith. Guide to Sea Kayaking in Maine: The Best Day Trips and Tours from Casco Bay to Machias. Globe Pequot Press (2001).
Lessels, Bruce. Classic Northeastern Whitewater Guide. Appalachian Mountain Club (1998).
Miller, Dorcas S. Kayaking the Maine Coast: A Paddler’s Guide to Day Trips from Kittery to Cobscook. Countryman Press (2006).
Paigen, Jennifer and Karen Svenson. Sea Kayaker’s Guide to Mount Desert Island. Down East Books (1997).
Venn, Tamsin. Sea Kayaking along the New England Coast. Appalachian Mountain Club; distributed by Globe Pequot Press, Guilford (2004).
Wilson, Alex and John Hayes. Quiet Water Maine: Canoe and Kayak Guide. Appalachian Mountain Club; distributed by Globe Pequot Press, Guilford (2005).
Wivell, Ty. Discover Maine. Appalachian Mountain Club Books (2006).

Links for paddlers.
Maine rivers.
Maine lakes.
Maine Tourism.
Maine Recreation.
Maine road map.
ALLAN: Find and post.

More links for paddlers.
Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System.
National Weather Service, Northeast River Forecast Center.
NOAA National Data Buoy Center.
Tide Height and Current Speed Predictor.
Tide Tables. provided by Maine Island Trail Association
USGS Streamflow Data for ME.