Manitoba Resources

Thanks to jmc, Tom H and paddlenorth for tips on links.

UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. ... adamap.htm ... p?code=CAN
Ed note: I was unable to find a French-language link.
Riding Mountain. ... 4&mode=all

Environmental NGOs.
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society.
CPAWS, Manitoba Chapter.
Canadian Wildlife Federation.
Manitoba Eco-Network.
Manitoba Wildlands.
Manitoba Wildlands map of existing and proposed hydro projects. ... ams_lg.jpg
Sierra Club, Prairie.
Nature Conservancy Canada; Manitoba. ... b_ncc_work
Conservation de la nature Canada; Manitoba. ... b_cnc_work
Nature North.
Ed note: Online nature magazine, Manitoba.

Parks Canada.
National Parks of Canada; Manitoba.
Riding Mountain. ... ional_Park
National Historic Sites of Canada; Manitoba. ... eux69.aspx

Canadian Aboriginal Cultural Resources.
Ed note: The source for these links is the Canadian Canoe Museum.
Aboriginal Canada Portal. ... index.html
Aboriginal Canada Portal; Heritage and Traditions. ... 26711.html
Native American Technology and Art.

Handbook of the North American Indians.
William C Sturtevant, General Editor.
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.
Volume 3: Environment, Origins, and Population.
Douglas H Ubelaker, Editor.
The natural environment of the continent to which Indian cultures adapted in prehistoric and historic times, natural resources utilized by these cultures, current knowledge of the earliest Indian occupation (before 9,000 BC), and human biology of Indian and Eskimo (Inuit) populations, prehistoric, historic and modern. 2006.
Volume 4: History of Indian-White Relations.
Wilcomb E Washburn, Editor.
History of Indian-White relations in the US and Canada following 1492. 1988.
Volume 6: Subarctic.
June Helm, Editor.
Indians from interior Alaska to Labrador. 1981.
Volume 13: Plains.
Raymond J DeMallie, Editor.
Indians of the prairie and high plains of the US and Canada. 2001.
Volume 17: Languages.
Ives Goddard, Editor.
Native languages of North America spoken by American Indians, Eskimos, and Aleuts. 1996.

General information, offline.
Ed note:
For general information that is not specific to Manitoba, please consult the offline entries in National Resources ... 46&t=35800
Nuhoniyeh (Our Story). VHS, Treeline Productions, Sayisi Dene First Nation, Tadoule Lake, MB.
Ed comment: I found this well worth viewing; it is of considerable historical interest, especially regarding the relocation of the Sayisi Dene to Churchill, their experiences there, and their return to the land.
Bruemmer, Fred. The Tree-Line. The Beaver, Autumn 1978, pp 26-31. Native people; area of Little Duck Lake, Caribou River, Wolverine River and Nejanilini Lake. Thanks to Clayton Klein, Cold Summer Wind.
Bussidor, Ila and Uestuen Bilgen-Reinart. Night Spirits: The Story of the Relocation of the Sayisi Dene. University of Manitoba Press, Winnipeg (1997?). Looks like even more harrowing than the VHS.
Hearne, Samuel. A Journey from Prince of Wales's Fort in Hudson's Bay to the Northern Ocean … In the Years 1769, 1770, 1771 and 1772.
The J B Tyrrell Edition is available in the digital section of the Champlain Society ... igital.htm
The Rod Davidek edition, entitled Arctic Dawn: The Journeys of Samuel Hearne. is available at ... itle2.html
By the way, the … in the above title stands for undertaken by order of the Hudson’s Bay Company for the Discovery of Copper Mines, a North West Passage, &c.
Holland, Lynda, Larry Hewitt and Celina Janvier: The Dene Elders Project: Stories and History from the Westside, Holland-Dalby Educational Consulting, La Ronge (2002).
Holland, Lynda, Larry Hewitt and Mary Ann Kkailther: They Will Have Our Words: The Dene Elders Project, Volume 2, Holland-Dalby Educational Consulting, La Ronge (2003).
Keighley, Sydney Augustus. Trader, Tripper, Trapper: The Life of a Bay Man, Watson & Dwyer, Winnipeg (1989). This largely autobiographical account provides a perspective on the fur trade in the first half of the 20th century. It is of interest to paddlers more for the information it provides on life in the area not so long ago. Keighley did not wait for the native people to come to him with their furs; he "made regular visits to their camps with sled or canoe loaded with the goods they wanted, and returned with their traded furs". The "Tripper" of the title refers to these travels, not to our kind of tripping.
Mégret, Jean; edited by Lynda Holland, photographs by Lois Dalby. Benasni, ... , Mémento, Memento: Forty Years with the Dene, Holland-Dalby Educational Consulting, La Ronge (1996). Mégret was stationed mostly in Saskatchewan but spent several years in Brochet; and his story transcends political boundaries in any case.
Noel, Lynn (Editor). Voyages: Canada’s Heritage Rivers. Breakwater Press, Saint John’s (1995).
Oberholtzer Foundation, The. Toward Magnetic North: The Oberholtzer-Magee 1912 Canoe Journey to Hudson Bay. Jean Replinger, editor and project coordinator. Marshall, Minnesota (2000).
Oberholtzer Foundation.
Book review by Patrick Carroll: ... orth.shtml
Pelly, David F.The Old Way North: Following the Oberholtzer – Magee Expedition, Minnesota Historical Society Press (2008).
Russell, Dale R. Eighteenth-Century Western Cree and Their Neighbours. Mercury Series Paper no. 143, Canadian Museum of Civilization, Ottawa (1991).
Review by Michael B Payne: ... cree.shtml
Tyrrell, James Williams. Journal of his 1893 trip across the Barrenlands.
Route (modern names and spellings): Toronto, …, Edmonton, Athabasca (30 May, 1893), Fort McMurray, Fort Chipewyan, Lake Athabasca, Fond du Lac, Selwyn Lake, Dubawnt River, Beverly Lake, Baker Lake, Chesterfield Inlet, Churchill, York Factory, Oxford House, Norway House, West Selkirk (1 January, 1894) and the railway.
Coffee-table books.
Wilson, Hap and Stephanie Aykroyd. Wilderness Manitoba: Land Where the Sprit Lives, Boston Mills Press, Erin (1999).

General information, online.
Ed note:
For general information that is not specific to Manitoba, please consult also the online entries in National Resources ... 46&t=35800
Early Canadiana Online.
Geographical Names of Canada.
Cree material.
Cree readings and resources.
Manitoba Historical Society.
Tyrrell and related collections, University of Toronto.

Provincial Parks.
Government site.
Wikipedia site.

Provincial Parks with known paddling component.
Outdoor Recreation, Canoeing.
Ed note: Overview at Manitoba Conservation, Parks and Natural Areas. ... oeing.html
Atikaki Provincial Wilderness Park. ... ikaki.html
Wikipedia entry ... rness_Park
Caribou River Provincial Wilderness Park. ... ribou.html
Wikipedia stub ... ncial_Park
Duck Mountain Provincial Park. ... /duck.html
Wikipedia entry ... _(Manitoba)
Grass River Provincial Park. ... grass.html
Wikipedia stub ... ncial_Park
Manigotagan River Provincial Park. ... tagan.html
Wikipedia stub ... ncial_Park
Nopiming Provincial Park. ... iming.html
Wikipedia entry
Paint Lake Provincial Park. ... paint.html
No Wikipedia entry
Pisew Falls Provincial Park. ... pisew.html
Wikipedia entry ... ncial_Park
Sand Lakes Provincial Wilderness Park. ... /sand.html
No Wikipedia entry
Spruce Woods Provincial Park. ... pruce.html
Wikipedia stub ... ncial_Park
Turtle Mountain Provincial Park. ... urtle.html
Wikipedia stub ... ncial_Park
Canadian Encyclopedia entry ... RTA0010125
Wekusko Falls Provincial Park. ... kusko.html
Wikipedia stub ... ncial_Park
Whiteshell Provincial Park. ... shell.html
Wikipedia entry

Paddling clubs and associations.
Provincial bodies.
Paddle Manitoba.
Manitoba Paddling Association. Primarily instruction.
Manitoba Whitewater Club. ... sition=1:1
WAV and MWC Community Forum.
Local clubs and associations.
Ed note: The source for the following entries was CanoeKayak Canada. ... ub_prairie
End note.
Brandon Canoe Kayak Centre. Sprint.
Contact information at ... ub_prairie
Knight Dragonboat Canoe Club. Winnipeg; sprint.
Contact information at ... ub_prairie
Minnedosa Canoe-Kayak Center. Sprint.
Contact information at ... ub_prairie
River City Dragons. Winnipeg; sprint.
Contact information at ... ub_prairie
Sanford Paddling Club. Sprint.
Contact information at ... ub_prairie
Selkirk Canoe and Kayak Centre. Sprint.
Contact information at ... ub_prairie
Toba Canoe and Kayak Club. Winnipeg; sprint.
Contact information at ... ub_prairie
Toba Dragonboat Canoe Club. Winnipeg; sprint.
Contact information at ... ub_prairie

Links for paddlers.
Alexander Mackenzie Voyageur Route.
Canadian Canoe Museum.
Our Canoeing Heritage. ... e-mainhtml
Canadian Heritage Rivers.
Bloodvein, Hayes, Red (nominated) and Seal.
I Speak for Canadian Rivers.
Canadian Rivers Network. ... twork.html
Great Canadian Rivers.
Google maps.
Google Earth.
WILDS of Manitoba.
Trans Canada Trail.

Government links for paddlers.
Canadian Hydrographic Service; Nautical Charts and Publications.
Canadian Hydrographic Service; Tides, Currents and Water Levels.
Region 3; Hudson Bay.
Map boundaries: Westing: 64 to 97 degrees; Northing: 50 to 65 degrees ... h&region=3
Canadian Hydrographic Service; Tide predictions.
Volume 4; Arctic Ocean and Hudson Bay. ... able.shtml
Canadian Hydrographic Service; Current tables.
Volume 4; Arctic Ocean and Hudson Bay. ... nt-eng.asp
Natural Resources Canada; Topographical maps. (Toporama)
Real-time Hydrometric Data.
Information about Lifejackets and PFDs from the Safe Boating Guide. ... 24.htm#lj1
Lifejackets & PFDs. ... u-1692.htm
Minimum Safety Equipment Required for the Size and Type of your Pleasure Craft. ... nu-690.htm
NB: In the case of any discrepancy between the information on this page and the Small Vessel Regulations, the formal regulatory text shall remain the final authority.
Formal regulatory text / Small Vessel Regulations. ... 1-eng.html
Links specific to Manitoba.
Manitoba Tourism.
Manitoba road map.
Manitoba ferries.
Manitoba Water Stewardship.
Manitoba watershed maps.
Ed note: Both maps that I found are less than ideal for paddlers' purposes.
This one has lots of detail, but it is not annotated and it's hard on the eyes. ... s_map.html
This one has less detail and is easier to read. ... ns_map.pdf
Manitoba weather. ... html?id=MB
Marine weather; Lakes Winnipeg, Winnipegosis and Manitoba. ... l?mapID=04
Marine weather; Hudson Bay. ... l?mapID=08

US links for paddlers.
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. ... nce_Agency
NGA Maritime Safety Information.
NGA Digital Nautical Chart.
NGA Maritime Domain Contact Listing. ... ID=Article
NGA Global Shoreline Data Set. ... ID=Article
ALLAN: Anything for MB?
Tide Height and Current Speed Predictor.

Manitoba rivers with active Wikipedia entries.
Ed note: Nearly all rivers flow into Hudson Bay.
The following links were extracted from Wikipedia’s List of Manitoba Rivers:
in late September 2008; only links active then are listed. ... Hudson_Bay) ... rth_Dakota)
Wikipedia errors:
The Carrot River entry belongs in SK.
The Hughes River entry belongs in WV.
The Swan River entry refers to the town only.

Manitoba lakes with active Wikipedia entries.

Paddling and related information, offline.
Go Trekkers. Map for sale.
Wapusk National Park. ... ions&show=
Kanawa. Canada's Paddling Magazine. Published quarterly by Paddle Canada.
Réal Bérard's Canoeing Maps of Manitoba.
13 annotated maps with lots of historical notes; $5.95 each. All were available in September 2010.
Most, perhaps all, of the information dates back to the early 70s; be aware then that conditions may have changed.
• Assiniboine River Canoe Route
• Grass River Canoe Route
• Kautunigan Route
• Land of Little Sticks Routes
• Little Grand Rapids Canoe Routes
• Mistik Creek Canoe Route
• The Bird-Manigotagan Waterways
• Rivière aux Rats Canoe Route
• Sasaginnigak Canoe Country
• The Middle Track & Hayes River Route
• The Waterhen Country
• Whitemouth Canoe Route
• Winnipeg River Routes
I have posted an individual entry for every Route on all thirteen maps.
1. Canada Map Sales ... index.html
2. Manitoba Conservation
This one provides a map that locates the 13 Routes but the map is largely illegible. ... alogue.pdf
3. Go Trekkers ... y_Code=333
Anderson, Scott. Distant Fires: Duluth to Hudson Bay. University of Minnesota Press (2008).
Route description: Duluth, Lake Superior, Grand Portage, Rainy Lake, Lake of the Woods, Winnipeg River, Lake, Winnipeg, Norway House, God’s Lake, God’s River, Hayes River, York Factory.
Berger, Jonathan and Thomas Terry. Canoe Atlas of the Little North, Boston Mills Press, Erin (2007).
"This atlas covers the area north of the 50th parallel, south of Hudson Bay, west of James Bay, east of Lake Winnpeg, and south of the Nelson River."
Buchanan, John D. Canoeing Manitoba Rivers. Volume 1, South. Rocky Mountain Books Surrey (1997). The book is out of print and I didn't see a copy at the Rocky Mountain site.
My last Internet check found a used paperback copy for $63+. BTW, I understand that we are unlikely to see Volume 2, North.
Downes, P G. Sleeping Island, Western Producer Prairie Books, Saskatoon (1988) This is mostly an account of his 1939 trip; the area travelled is best described by listing the chapter titles: North, Where; Pelican; Reindeer Lake; Brochet; The Cochrane; The Little Lakes; Fort Hall Lake and the Kasmere; Nueltin Lake; Windy Days in the Barrens; South Flight. Downes was a thinker as well as a writer. BTW, I have read that Sleeping Island is a translation of the First Nation word for Nueltin.
Photos. ... /index.htm
Short biography of P G Downes. Thanks to paddlenorth for the link.
Gahlinger, Paul M. Northern Manitoba from Forest to Tundra: a Canoe Guide and Wilderness Companion. G B Communications, Lucan (1996).
Paddle Manitoba (secretary(AT) is reputed to sell copies. I failed both there and at McNally-Robinson. But I got a used copy at amazon. I posted an individual entry for every Route in the book.
Greenstone Community Futures Development. Canoeing the Precambrian Edge: Wilderness, Adventure and Legend. Gordon Soules Book Publishers (1998).
I had no luck emailing the publisher
but I bought a copy from McNally-Robinson
The book describes six Routes in Manitoba plus six more in Saskatchewan. I posted an individual entry for all 12.
Klein, Clayton, with Darrell Klein. Cold Summer Wind. Wilderness Adventure Books, Lansing (1985). A great read, describing six trips, but with contrived dialogue; contains an excellent bibliography, including about two dozen citations to articles in The Beaver. I have made entires for the entire content.
Sevareid, Eric. Canoeing with the Cree. First published in 1935; current publisher is the Minnesota Historical Society.
Route description: Minnesota River, Big Stone Lake, Red River, Lake Winnipeg, Berens River settlement, Norway House, God’s Lake, York Factory.
Stone, Joyce Allene. Oh Boy! Muskeg, Mosquitoes and Moose: It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This! Wilderness Adventure Books (1992).
Route description: Cumberland House to York Factory via the Hayes River.
Weidemann, Dennis. This Water Goes North. Manitenahk Books (2008).
Route description: East Leaf Lake (MN), Lake Winnipeg, Hayes River, York Factory.
Wilson, Hap and Stephanie Aykroyd. Wilderness Rivers of Manitoba. Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association, Merrickville (1998). My last check found only used copies online. I have made entries for the entire content.

Paddling information, online.
cartespleinair (Charles Leduc library).
then Canot, then Cartes (reports) or Canorama (overiew).
If you use any of the information supplied at cartespleinair, please consider making a contribution to the Fonds pour la Préservation des Rivières (FQCK) at
Che-Mun. The Journal of Canadian Wilderness Canoeing.
Ed note: Issues are available online two quarters after publication.
Nastawgan. Published quarterly by the Wilderness Canoe Association.
To view the Index, go to
Once there, select a Category (for example Trip information).
To view the Archives, go to ... pubCode=NJ ;
digitization of the database is incomplete and the Search features are not useful.
Out There.
The canoe-related Route information is largely under Adventure/Sports but you might want to look at other folders.
Links specific to Manitoba.
Ed note: See also the paragraph Paddlers sites.
Paddle Manitoba Routes Forum.
Ed note: Forum with trip reports and other information on paddling in Manitoba.
Winnipeg Canoe Destinations and Access Points.
Coverage: Assiniboine River, La Salle River, Red River, Seine River and Sturgeon Creek. ... route.html
Paddle Manitoba booklets.
Outlines (only) of 72 Routes in Manitoba plus 18 outside the province; reposting of the MRCA booklets. ... ports6.pdf
Canoeing in South Eastern Manitoba.
Outlines, with maps, for 20 Routes; entries for all 20 have been posted in the Route Information threads.

Paddlers' sites.
Ed notes:
1. Please inform me of omissions.
2. I post links to reports at these sites, but only sporadically.
Andy Breckenridge. ... outme.html
Charles Burchill. ... tml#Routes
Stefan Cowtan. ... /Home.html
Vern Dewit.
R K Groff.
Brian Johnston.
Bill Kocay.
Jim Rutzick. (Traditional Arctic Kayaks)
Ken Storie.