Quebec Resources

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UNESCO; Liste du patrimoine mondial / World Heritage List.
Parc national de Miguasha / Miguasha National Park.
Arrondissement historique du Vieux-Québec / Historic District of Old Québec.

UNESCO World Biosphere Reserves. ... adamap.htm ... p?code=CAN
Ed note: I was unable to find links in the French language.
Charlevoix. ... 5&mode=all
Lac Saint-Pierre. ... 9&mode=all
Manicouagan – Uapishka. ... 4&mode=all
Mont Saint Hilaire. ... 1&mode=all

Environmental NGOs.
Société pour la nature et les parcs du Canada (SNAP).
SNAP, Section Québec.
SNAP, Section Vallée de l'Outaouais.
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS).
CPAWS, Ottawa Valley Chapter.
Fédération Canadienne de la Faune.
Canadian Wildlife Federation.
Le Secrétariat des organismes environnementaux du Québec.
Jour de la terre.
Le Réseau québécois des groupes écologistes.
Fondation Rivières.
Les Amies de la Terre de Québec.
Sierra Club, Québec.
Conservation de la nature Canada; Québec. ... c_cnc_work
Nature Conservancy Canada; Quebec. ... c_ncc_work
Sentinelle Outaouais / Ottawa Riverkeeper.

Parcs Canada.
Parcs nationaux du Canada; Québec.
Parc national du Canada Forillon.
Parc national du Canada de la Mauricie.
Réserve de parc national du Canada de l'Archipel-de-Mingan.
Aires marines nationales de conservation du Canada; Québec.
Parc marin du Saguenay--Saint-Laurent. ... index.aspx

Parks Canada.
National Parks of Canada; Quebec.
Forillon National Park of Canada.
La Mauricie National Park of Canada.
Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve of Canada. ... rk_Reserve
National Marine Conservation Areas of Canada; Quebec.
Saguenay – St Lawrence Marine Park. ... index.aspx ... arine_Park

Canadian Aboriginal Cultural Resources.
Ed note: The source for these links is the Canadian Canoe Museum.
Le Portail des Autochtones au Canada. ... index.html
Aboriginal Canada Portal. ... index.html
Le Portail des Autochtones au Canada; Patrimoine et traditions. ... 26711.html
Aboriginal Canada Portal; Heritage and Traditions. ... 26711.html
Native American Technology and Art.

Handbook of the North American Indians.
William C Sturtevant, General Editor.
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.
Volume 3: Environment, Origins, and Population.
Douglas H Ubelaker, Editor.
The natural environment of the continent to which Indian cultures adapted in prehistoric and historic times, natural resources utilized by these cultures, current knowledge of the earliest Indian occupation (before 9,000 BC), and human biology of Indian and Eskimo (Inuit) populations, prehistoric, historic and modern. 2006.
Volume 4: History of Indian-White Relations.
Wilcomb E Washburn, Editor.
History of Indian-White relations in the US and Canada following 1492. 1988.
Volume 6: Subarctic.
June Helm, Editor.
Indians from interior Alaska to Labrador. 1981.
Volume 15: Northeast.
Bruce G Trigger, Editor.
Indians from Virginia to St. Lawrence River, Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, Illinois. 1978.
Volume 17: Languages.
Ives Goddard, Editor.
Native languages of North America spoken by American Indians, Eskimos, and Aleuts. 1996.

General information, offline.
Ed note:
For general information that is not Quebec specific, please consult the offline entries in National Resources ... 46&t=35800
James, William C. A Fur Trader's Photographs; A A Chesterfield in the District of Ungava, 1901-4. McGill-Queen's University Press (1985). Photographs from Chesterfield's stays at Moose Factory, Great Whale River and Fort George (on James Bay). Magnificent!
Richardson, Boyce. Strangers Devour the Land, Douglas & McIntyre, Vancouver/Toronto (1991). The James Bay Development Project and its impact on the native people. It appears that the bulk of the book was published (Alfred A Knopf) in 1976; the Epilogue is dated 1991.

General information, online.
Ed note:
For general information that is not Quebec specific, please consult also the online entries in National Resources ... 46&t=35800
Notre mémoire en ligne.
Early Canadiana Online.
Toponymie du Canada.
Geographical Names of Canada.
Cree communities of Quebec.
Cree material.
Cree readings and resources.

Provincial Parks.
Government site.
Wikipedia site.
Ed note: very few entries. ... onal_parks

Parcs Québec.
Sépaq Anticosti.

Parcs Québec with stated canoeing/kayaking (C/K) component.
Aiguebelle. C,K
Region: Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Anticosti. K
Region: Gulf of Saint Lawrence
Bic. K
Region: South shore of the Saint Lawrence River, downstream from Tadoussac
Frontenac. C,K
Region: Eastern townships
Gaspésie. C,K
Grands-Jardins. C,K
Location: Between Québec and Tadoussac
Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie. C,K
Location: Between Québec and Tadoussac
Île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé. K
Region: Gaspésie
Îles-de-Boucherville. C,K
Region: Montréal
Jacques-Cartier. C,K
Region: Québec
Mont-Orford. C,K
Region: Eastern Townships
Mont-Tremblant. C,K
Monts-Valin. C
Region: Saguenay--Lac Saint-Jean
Oka. C,K
Region: Montréal
Plaisance. C,K
Region: Ottawa valley
Pointe-Taillon. C,K
Region: Lac Saint-Jean
Saguenay. K
Saguenay--Saint-Laurent. K
Location: Tadoussac
Yamaska. C,K
Region: Eastern townships

Réserves fauniques / Wildlife Reserves.

Réserves fauniques with stated canoeing/kayaking (C/K) component.
Ashuapmushuan. C
Region: Saguenay -- Lac Saint-Jean
Laurentides. C,K
Location: Between Québec and Saguenay -- Lac Saint-Jean
La Vérendrye. C,K
Regions: Outaouais and Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Mastigouche. C,K
Regions: Lanaudière and Mauricie
Matane. C,K
Location: Southeast of Matane (on the south shore of the St Lawrence).
Ed note: Apparently of interest mostly to hunters.
Papineau-Labelle. C,K
Regions: Outaouais and Laurentides
Port-Cartier--Sept-Îles. C,K
Region: Côte-Nord (Duplessis)
Port-Daniel. C
Region: Gaspésie
Ed note: Apparently of interest mostly to fishers.
Portneuf. C,K
Location: West of Québec
Rimouski. C,K
Region: Bas-Saint-Laurent
Rouge-Matawin. C,K
Region: Lanaudière and Laurentides
Sainte-Maurice. C,K
Location: North of Trois-Rivières
Ed note: Apparently of interest mostly to fishers and hunters.

Paddling clubs and associations.
Provincial bodies.
Fédération Québécoise du canot et du kayak (FQCK).
FQCK bookstore.
Fédération Québécoise de canoë-kayak d’eau vive.
Québec Kayak.
Kayak de rivière, de mer & récréatif.
Local clubs and associations.
Ed note: The major sources for the following entries were Charles Leduc's cartespleinair
and Out There
End note.
Les Amis de la rivière Kipawa / Friends of the Kipawa River.
Le Club de canot-Camping et d'eau-vive; Les Portageurs.
Club de canot camping Kaminak.
Location: Sherbrooke.
Le Club de plein air L'AVAL.
Festival d'eau vive de la Haute Gatineau.
Chinook Club de Kayak de Mer de Montréal.
Club de Canot-camping Kabec de l'Outaouais.
Club de canot-camping; Les Prédateurs d'eau vive de Sept-Îles.
Le Club de canot-camping des Pays-d'en-Haut.
Club de canot d'eau vive l'Aviron - Saguenay.
Les aventuriers - Club de plein air.
Club de canoë-kayak d'eau vive de Montréal.
Club Pierre Radisson (Outaouais).
Ed note: Clicking on the following link gave me "Account Error".
Club Rabaska - canot-camping Québec.
Ed note: The source for the following entries is CanoeKayak Canada. ... lub_quebec
Boating Club de Canotage Otterburn. Otterburn Park.
Cascades Club. Chelsea.
Club de Canoë de Course de Lachine.
Club de Canoë Pointe-Claire Canoe.
Club de Canot Kayak Deux Rives. Les Coteaux.
Contact information at ... lub_quebec
Club de Canotage du Cap (de la Madeleine). Trois-Rivières.
Club de Canotage Cartierville.
Contact information at ... rtierville
Club de Canotage du Lac Sergent . ... notage.htm
Kanesatake Canoe Club.
Contact information at ... lub_quebec
Kitigan Zibi Canoe Club. Maniwaki.
Contact information at ... lub_quebec
Ed note: The source for the following entries is CanoeKayak Canada.
ABV Kayak et Excursions. Grenville-sur-la-Rouge.
ACCGQ. Québec.
Contact information at
Aventures H2O. Montréal.
Contact information at
Les billots et la Pitoune. La Tuque,
Contact information at
Centre d’excellence du college St-Alphonse. St-Tites-des-Caps.
Expédition Plein Air. Neuville.
Contact information at
Federation québécoise de canoë-kayak d'eau vive. Montréal.
Kayak Junky. Lachenaie.
Contact information at
Kayak Sans Frontières.
Kayak Source d’Eau Vive. Victoriaville.
Contact information at
Contact information at
Club Kayakogak. Chelsea.
Contact information at
Club de canoë-kayak d’eau vive de Montréal.
Pagaie Totale Inc. Stoneham.
Club Kayak Rivière aux Sables. Jonquière,
Contact information at
Centre Torrent. Jonquière,
Contact information at
Centre d’excellence d’eau vive de Valleyfield.

Links for paddlers.
Alexander Mackenzie Voyageur Route.
Réseau de rivières du patrimonie canadien.
Canadian Heritage Rivers System.
Jacques-Cartier, nominated??
Canadian Canoe Museum.
Our Canoeing Heritage. ... e-mainhtml
I Speak for Canadian Rivers.
Canadian Rivers Network. ... twork.html
Google maps.
Google Earth.
Great Canadian Rivers.
Trans Canada Trail.
Links specific to Quebec.
Lacs du Québec. ... u%C3%A9bec
Quebec Lakes. ... ada#Quebec
Quebec Rivers.
Ed note: I didn't find a French Wikipedia list of rivers.
Québec Whitewater.
River name, section, region, class, level, trend, last update & recommendation, plus further information (click on the river name).
Info Débit / Flow Information.
Ed note: Source is cartespleinair.
Débit des rivières / River Flows.
Ed note: Source is cartespleinair.
Ed note: Information not current?
Niveaux de la rivière des Outaouais / Ottawa River Levels.
Ed note: Source is cartespleinair.

Government links for paddlers; French.
Service hydrographique du Canada; Cartes marines et publications nautiques.
Service hydrographique du Canada; Marées, courants et niveaux d'eau.
Région 2; Arctique. ... h&region=2
Région 3; Baie d'Hudson.
Translate: {Map boundaries: Westing: 64 to 97 degrees; Northing: 50 to 65 degrees.} ... h&region=3
Région 4; Fleuve St-Laurent.
Translate: {Ed note: Includes the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.}
Translate: {Map boundaries: Westing: 55 to 75 degrees; Northing: 45 to 52 degrees.} ... h&region=4
Service hydrographique du Canada; Tables de courants.
Volume 2; Golfe du Saint-Laurent. ... nt-fra.asp
Service hydrographique du Canada; Marées, prédictions.
Volume 2; Golfe du Saint-Laurent.
Volume 3; Fleuve Saint-Laurent et rivière Saguenay.
Volume 4; L'Arctique et la baie d'Hudson.
Service hydrographique du Canada; Niveaux d’eau.
Fleuve Saint-Laurent.
Translate: {Ed note: I'll try to find a better link.} ... bles.shtml
Ressources naturelles Canada; Cartes topographiques. (Toporama)
Données hydrométriques en temps réel.
Observatoire global du Saint-Laurent.
Translate: {Ed note:
I don’t know that this site offers information of interest to paddlers that is not provided elsewhere in this post.}
Information à propos des gilets de sauvetage et des VFI tirée du Guide de sécurité nautique. ... 1-fra.html
Gilets de sauvetage et VFI. ... u-1692.htm
Exigences d’équipements minimales de sécurité selon la taille et le type de votre embarcation de plaisance. ... nu-690.htm
NB: En cas de divergence entre l'information présentée sur cette page et le règlement, le texte réglementaire prévaut.
Texte réglementaire / Règlement sur les petits bâtiments. ... 1-fra.html
Links specific to Quebec.
Québec Tourism.
Québec road map.
Ed note: Not that it matters much for a map, but I didn't find the corresponding link in French.
Météo Québec.
Météo maritime pour: Maritimes.
Météo maritime pour: Fleuve Saint-Laurent (Rivière Saguenay).
Météo maritime pour: Arctique de l’Est.

Government links for paddlers; English.
Canadian Hydrographic Service; Nautical Charts and Publications.
Canadian Hydrographic Service; Tides, Currents and Water Levels.
Region 2; Arctic. ... h&region=2
Region 3; Hudson Bay.
Map boundaries: Westing: 64 to 97 degrees; Northing: 50 to 65 degrees. ... h&region=3
Region 4; Saint Lawrence.
Ed note: Includes the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.
Map boundaries: Westing: 55 to 75 degrees; Northing: 45 to 52 degrees. ... h&region=4
Canadian Hydrographic Service; Current Tables.
Volume 2; Gulf of Saint Lawrence. ... nt-eng.asp
Canadian Hydrographic Service; Tide predictions.
Volume 2; Gulf of St. Lawrence.
Volume 3; Saint Lawrence and Saguenay Rivers.
Volume 4; Arctic Ocean and Hudson Bay. ... able.shtml
Canadian Hydrographic Service; Water Levels.
Saint Lawrence River.
Ed note: I'll try to find a better source. ... able.shtml
Natural Resources Canada; Topographical maps. (Toporama)
Real-time Hydrometric Data.
Saint Lawrence Global Observatory.
Ed note:
I don’t know that this site offers information of interest to paddlers that is not provided elsewhere in this post.
Information about Lifejackets and PFDs from the Safe Boating Guide. ... 24.htm#lj1
Lifejackets & PFDs. ... u-1692.htm
Minimum Safety Equipment Required for the Size and Type of your Pleasure Craft. ... nu-690.htm
NB: In the case of any discrepancy between the information on this page and the Small Vessel Regulations, the formal regulatory text shall remain the final authority.
Formal regulatory text / Small Vessel Regulations. ... 1-eng.html
Links specific to Quebec.
Québec Tourism.
Québec road map.
Quebec weather. ... html?id=QC
Marine weather; Maritimes. (Gulf of St Lawrence, Tadoussac, …) ... l?mapID=15
Marine weather; Saint Lawrence River, Saguenay River and Lac Saint-Jean. ... l?mapID=12
Marine weather; Eastern Arctic. ... l?mapID=06

US links for paddlers.
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. ... nce_Agency
NGA Maritime Safety Information.
NGA Digital Nautical Chart.
NGA Maritime Domain Contact Listing. ... ID=Article
NGA Global Shoreline Data Set. ... ID=Article
NOAA synoptic-scale weather maps.
Tide Height and Current Speed Predictor.

Paddling information, offline.
Guide des parcous canotables du Québec. ... cours.html
FQCK library.
Callan, Kevin. (A Paddler's Guide to) The Rivers of Ontario and Quebec, Boston Mills Press, Erin (2003).
Coverage: Dumoine River, Coulonge River, Chochocouane River (La Vérendrye), Désert River and Gatineau River (playboating), plus rivers in Ontario.
Ed note: I have posted entries for all the above.
Noel, Lynn (Editor). Voyages: Canada’s Heritage Rivers. Breakwater Press, Saint John’s (1995).
Wilson, Hap. Rivers of the Upper Ottawa Valley: Myth, Magic and Adventure, Boston Mills Press, Erin (2004).
Guides. Coulonge River (Lac Larive or Lac Pomponne to Fort Coulonge), Dumoine River (Lac Dumoine to Driftwood Provincial Park), Kipawa River (Hunter's Point to Lac Dumoine) and Noire River (Lac Pomponne to Waltham Station).
Information. Ottawa River (Lake Temiskaming to Mattawa, Devil Rock to Mattawa) and Ottawa River (Mattawa to Pembroke).

Paddling information, online.
cartespleinair (Charles Leduc library).
then Canot, then Cartes (reports) or Canorama (overiew).
If you use any of the information supplied at cartespleinair, please consider making a contribution to the Fonds pour la Préservation des Rivières (FQCK) at
Che-Mun. The Journal of Canadian Wilderness Canoeing.
Ed note: Issues are available online two quarters after publication.
Nastawgan. Published quarterly by the Wilderness Canoe Association.
To view the Index, go to
Once there, select a Category (for example Trip information).
To view the Archives, go to ... pubCode=NJ ;
digitization of the database is incomplete and the Search features are not useful.
Out There.
The canoe-related Route information is largely under Adventure/Sports but you might want to look at other folders.
Links specific to Québec.
Ed note: See also the paragraph Paddlers' sites.
FQCK - fiches des parcours canotables / Index of Canoe Routes.
Ed note: Outlines only.
Ed note: The source for the following entries is cartespleinair.
Les sites de canot-camping au Québec.
Ed comment: Outlines.
Club de Canot Kabek - descriptions de rivières.
Ed comment: Outlines.
Au Canot Volant: description et cartes de la rivière l'Assomption.
Marc-André Montplaisir: descriptions de parcours.
Ed comment: Outlines, some with photos.

Sentier Maritime de Saint-Laurent / Quebec Water Trails.
Plans are afoot to develop eight waterways for the Saint Lawrence River proper and the Gulf coast:
The site is still under development; titles and links available at present are
Route bleue du sud de l’estuaire.
Route bleue des baleines.
Route bleue de la Gaspésie.
Route bleue Québec / Chaudière-Appalaches.
Route bleue de Charlevoix.
Route bleue des voyageurs.
Route bleue du Grand-Montréal.
Route bleue lac St-Pierre / Deau Rives.
Further information is given at

Paddlers' sites.
Ed notes:
1. Partial list only; please inform me of omissions.
2. I post links to reports at these sites, but only sporadically.
Jim and Ted Baird. (Canoe Beyond)
Brad Bassi.
Marc Charron.
Richard Culpepper.
Troy Gipps.
Gerald Guay.
Matt Hopkinson.
Lester Kovac and Lynette Chubb.
Chris Lawson.
Charles Leduc. (cartespleinair)
Nestor Lewyckyj. ... 202004.htm
Ted Parker.
Bill and Janice Stauttener.
Johanna Wandel.
Reinhard Zollitsch.