Region 00 - Saint Lawrence River and Gulf of Saint Lawrence

1. The Saint Lawrence River from the Ontario boundary to Québec and Lèvis,
2. the north coast of the Saint Lawrence River from Québec to the NL boundary,
3. the south coast of the Saint Lawrence River from Lèvis to the Gaspésie boundary (see the road map), and
4. the Gaspé coast to the NB boundary (includes Baie des Chaleurs and Baie de Percé).

Those of us with a background in lake and river paddling, even those comfortable in big water, might reflect on whether we possess the knowledge, equipment and skills necessary to deal with the very different hazards associated with coastal paddling. A course or a guided trip might be a good idea before attempting any of the coastal Routes described in the links given below.
From what I've read, every responsible paddler carries a VHF radio and is well versed in its operation.
Sea Conditions Rating System, by Eric Soares: ... ingsystem/
Sea and Sea Kayak Paddler Ratings: ... ings2.html
Ocean Canoeing (some basics):
SGrant. Thoughtful, thorough article, followed by discussion; highly recommended. ... 10&t=24193

Bonaventure Island: Library.
Route description: Anse à Beaufils, Cap Blanc, Île Bonaventure, Rocher Percé.
Author: abckayaker.
More text and pictures: ... results=50

Mingan Archipelago National Park. Information.
Location: North shore of the St Lawrence, vicinity of Havre-Saint-Pierre. ... /index.htm ... of-Canada/ (stub)

Mingan Archipelago National Park.
POST link to Information entry.
Author: Johanna Wandel.

Saint Lawrence River, Lake Ontario to Québec.
Author: Reinhard Zollitsch.
Route description: Cape Vincent (NY), Thousand Islands, Lake St Francis, Lac Saint Louis, Montréal, Rapides de Lachine ("Big John" by jet boat), north shore to Québec. ... hesea.html

Saint Lawrence River and Gaspé coast.
Author: Reinhard Zollitsch.
Route description: Rivière Richelieu (from Whitehall, NY), Saint Lawrence River, Québec, Gaspé, Baie des Chaleurs, Campbellton, Matapédia. ... gaspe.html

Saint Lawrence Sound:
Location: Tadoussac. Library.
Author: Keeler.