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Gerber's Multi-Plier® 600 Series is simply the best multi-function tool available today. Introduced in 1997, the Multi-Plier® 600 Series is already one of the top selling tools in the world. It has features not found on any other multi-function tool, features that ensure when you pick it up, you won't put it back down. All Multi-Plier® 600 Series tools have one-handed plier opening. No handle rotation or gyrations are necessary. Just a flick of the wrist slides the plier jaws into the locked and ready position. The Multi-Plier® 600 Series has easy to access, all locking components. The locking system is the safest and easiest to use of all multi-function tools. Components lock up against a solid bar of steel, rather than a spring like other tools. To close, simply slide the lock release back and the component can then be rotated back into the handle. The Multi-Plier® 600 Series also has independent tool rotation, allowing access to the component you want without the other tools following it out. Other notable features include smooth, non-pinching handles, and stainless steel construction.


1.Needlenose Pliers
2.Wire Cutters
5.Standard and Metric Scale
6.Serrated Drop Point Blade
7.FISKARS® Scissors
8.Can Opener
9.Small Screwdriver
10.Medium Screwdriver/Bottle Opener
11.Saw Coupler
12.Tool Kit Included
13.Crosshead Screwdriver


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