First Aid Kit

A well-equipped first aid kit is an absolute necessity when paddling away from "civilization." We all have to realize that medical help is not just a phone call away when we are on canoe trip. This means that we are responsible for two things; to have a proper first-aid kit with us, and to ensure that there is at least one, and preferably several people in our group that are trained to use it.

Listed below are two first aid kits. The first is for typical canoe tripping in "semi-wilderness" areas - in other words, the typical three or four day trips we often paddle that do not take us more than a day away from medical help. The second is a recommended kit for trips which travel into more remote areas, where medical attention is often several days, or even weeks away.

A Basic First Aid Kit

Item Qty. Used For ...
Alcohol Swabs 6 Cleaning and disinfecting injuries
Adhesive Tape 1 roll Closing open wounds and fastening bandages
Gauze pads (4" sq) 4 Wound dressings
Gauze roll (1" wide) 1 Wound dressings
Elastic (Tensor) bandage 1 Dressing for strains and sprains
Band-Aids 12 Dressings for small cuts, scrapes and blisters
Moleskin 1 Covering blisters
Latex examination gloves 1 pr. Handling victims with open wounds.
Q-Tips 6 Applying antiseptic, cleaning wounds
Safety Pins 4 Fastening dressings
Thermometer 1 Checking for fever or hypothermia
Scalpel blade or razor blade 1 Cutting
Tweezers (fine point) 1 Sliver removal
Small flashlight 1 For quick access if required
Lighter or matches 1 For quick access if required
Liquid Soap 1 General cleaning and disinfecting
Polysporin or other antibiotic cream 1 Would dressing
Pain Killer (Tylenol or Motrin) 1 Pain killer for minor aches
Sunscreen (SPF 15) 1 Sun Protection
Antihistamine Cream 1 Treatment of insect bites, poison ivy, etc.
Dental Analgesic (Orabase or Orajel) 1 Minor tooth pain
Laxative 1 To treat constipation
Kaopectate or Immodium 1 To treat diarrhea
Pepto Bismol Tablets 1 Upset stomach or heartburn
Antacid Tablets (Rolaids or Tums) 1 Heartburn, indigestion
Cough / Cold Treatment 1 Sinus congestion ,etc
Calamine Lotion 1 To treat poison ivy, poison oak, etc.

Additional Items for Extended Wilderness Trips

Item Qty User For ...
Tylenol with Codeine 1 Serious pain control
Prescription Antibiotic 1 Infection, fever
Dental Repair Kit 1 Emergency fillings, broken teeth.