Nastawgan Archives

Nastawgan is an Anishinabi word meaning the routes and ways of the elders of the past, and is also the name of the Quarterly Journal that has been published by the Wilderness Canoe Association since 1974.

Nastawgan is a treasure trove of articles and reports about wilderness travel and informs members of Wilderness Canoe Association trips and issues in the paddling community. There are many submissions by both club members and other like-minded outdoor adventurers.

The Wilderness Canoe Association would like to share its wealth of canoeing & wilderness information with as many people as possible, and so has made its Nastawgan journal available here on myCCR. Issues from 1974 onwards to 2017 are available in the archive below. More recent issues are only available on for members of the club.

The 'Nastawgan Index'  - Search for Past Nastawgan Articles by Subject and Title
The WCA has compiled a list of past Nastawgan articles, by subject content & title, called the 'Nastawgan Index'.  It is an aid for the journal years 1974 - 2009 that can be used to track down past Nastawgan articles for the purpose of trip planning, research, or general interest. If you are interested in searching for a specific subject area from a past issue of Nastawgan, select the category from the category list below & click on the link.

Categories In the Nastawgan Index:


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