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Author:  iv2k [ September 16th, 2017, 3:22 am ]
Post subject:  Steel River Canoe Route

Little late putting this up but I completed the Steel River Route in mid August over an 8 day stretch. Thanks to Rob Haslam who emailed me detailed maps some time ago which proved very valuable. I also followed the timeline detailed in the following blog: ... pproaches/

Another great resource was the youtube videos posted by these guys from Northern Scavenger:

Nothing surprising about the route that isn't detailed in the material above. The only problem I had was once I got to the river portion and found that the water levels were very low. Unfortunately, I was forced to drag and scrape my canoe through all of the portions that would normally be fast water. This slowed me down considerably however I was still able to get it done in 8 days. My Kevlar Swift Kipawa is currently getting a makeover from swift due to some damage to the bottom from my trip. I was led to believe that the water levels on the river would always be high enough to run the river, however, this was not the case. One on the cottagers on Santoy Lake that I ran into advised me that this was the lowest levels he had seen. I guess that I can only advise to check before you head out on the river in August...

I started and finished at Santoy Lake. I liked this starting point as it was nice to get the diablo portage out of the way right away when I was at my peak energy point and organized. Santoy Lake can get a little hairy when the wind picks up which could lead to you getting stuck at the North end due to the wind.

Fishing was awesome as I was able to get my shore lunch basically whenever I felt the urge.

Highly recommend the route. Will absolutely tackle it again in the near future. The portages are as tough as described. I think the route is getting more traffic these days as the portage trails are getting to be well worn as opposed to some older descriptions that I read.

Happy paddling...

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