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Algonquin's Kiosk Access Point 29
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Author:  JSC.Kipawa [ August 6th, 2018, 2:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Algonquin's Kiosk Access Point 29

Recently back from a brilliant, fire ban, 7 day solo interior canoe trip put out from Algonquin's Kiosk Access Point 29, 7.30 to 8.5.18, with the original Kevlar Swift Kipawa 16' built by the designer Jon Winters, which I am the second proud care giver of. It's been tripping many a time, solo and tandem on many bodies of water and portages.

I was planning to stay for another day, however, in light of the balance left to cover I chose to get 'er done asap, that was 12 hours, starting at 8:30 AM on the water. Ah, Saturday night in Kiosk was grand, followed by an early, long drive home Sunday.

No need for bug tent and tarp set up or wearing of bug jacket, hood and pants. When need be Watkin's repellent, top drawer.

One 16 hour day of rain, 2 AM to 6 PM, all good, likewise one night of heavy Parry Sound Fire 33 smoke from 2 AM to 6 AM. Eureka's El Capitan 2 on this trip for this trip was stellar.

Periods of thunder, lightening, rainbows, sunsets, stars, winds and more were also enjoyed, including a swim around the island, 400+ metres.

Excellent smallmouth bass fishing in a few locals, catch and release, including a 14".

Fun times with the otters, so cute and playful. Lots of varied wildlife in this zone. Great folk and more on route. I have never been in this sector of APP since first canoe tripping in APP in the 1970's.

Wonderful area. I opted to paddle in to Step Island, North Tea Lake from Kiosk, thereafter day tripping for fishing, other lakes, water falls, wildlife and more, blueberries and raspberries too.

The last day was a 22 km paddle out with 2,500 metres of portaging over four portages, based upon one way, for me x 5 = 7,500 metres, must downsize or tandem.

My out and back route was put in at Kiosk on Kioshkokwi Lake > Amble du Fond River > Manitou Lake > Step Island on North Tea Lake with day trips from Step Island to Mangalosi Lake and Hornbeam Lake and canoeing, fishing, hiking portages, etc., on North Tea Lake.

In total there was approximately 70 km of canoeing and 16 km of portaging. Great workout. Wonderful trip.

Come Friday this area was filling in fast from Acess Points 1 and 29 in light of the neighbouring forest fires in tandem with the long weekend. Originally my plan was Crown Land tripping, possibly other areas too, however, forest fires prevented such. So with that Kiosk it was, excellent choice, amazing history too, which Carmen shared with me prior to departure. I'll be back, looking forward to hiking the highlands on Lake Manitou where I rigged a sail to my canoe with my tarp and tent poles.

Jeff's Map at

More on Kiosk at:,_Ontario <<< If you are getting a bad link simply Google ... Kiosk, Ontario.

Kiosk mill fire information

If you have never been to this zone I suggest you go as there is so much to admire and explore.

I will post more details with photos, later.

In the meantime looking forward to more trips this year to destinations beyond.

Solo canoe tripping out of Kiosk for 7 days with minor concern. No need for bug suit or bug tent. Excellent, best ever repellent when need be WATKINS INSECT REPELLENT LOTION - 240 ML ... Canadian Tire 10.99, ... 4145p.html

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