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Smoky River-Hiway 43 Bridge to Riverstone Golf Couser(TPcrk)
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Author:  greenriver [ July 5th, 2014, 3:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Smoky River-Hiway 43 Bridge to Riverstone Golf Couser(TPcrk)

Ok, so this was no big multiday trip. It was a solo day trip. Saturday June 21 2014. Flow rate was about 850 cm/s at Watino, which was in the normal average for this time of year. We did have the weekend planned with the local canoe club, but because of unforeseen circumstances that trip was cancelled. It would have been my first trip with them. Oh well. It just so happened that my sister in law and a bunch of other people I know were camping down at the Riverstone Golf Course, which is a few miles east of the little village of Tee Pee Creek. The sister in law had her motor home down there, and had a son riding a bull at the Debolt rodeo, but did not want to have to move her motor home to go and watch. So I took advantage of the situation. She can use my truck to go to rodeo and drop me off on river at hiway 43 bridge east of Bezanson on her way by. It worked out real good for both of us. I had my spot messenger with me, and friends with access to a river boat down at the golf course just incase something should happen. Normally their phone would not work down there, but with phone booster technology it was not a problem.
I don't have a big technical report to give other than a lot of the time I was moving along around 8 to 12 kms/hr on average. Although there were times when the river would take me even faster. There were a lot of times that I hit some pretty good head winds and a little extra paddling was necessary. At one time in the head wind I experimented a little to see who was stronger, the current or the head wind. I paddled just enough to keep me straight into the wind and I actually got down to 1+ km/hr at one time in a fairly strong river current. The current won though. It is a good thing I weighted the front end down with rocks before starting out or I would have had a real hard time keeping it running straight. I forgot to set the trip odometer on my GPS prior to this trip, but I can remember from last summer that it was 32 or 34 kms. It took me about 6.5 hours roughly to do this trip, but paddling was minimal and I did stop and relax quite a bit. Had a little nap at one point on an island and then roasted some smokies. The weekend after this trip, I did a three day campout with the local canoe club on the Murray River, B.C. from Tumbler Ridge to East Pine. The Murray river is totally different than this solo run with lots of big white water(which may be small to some, but big to me). Although the Murray river is a lot more wild than this run, being with a group of experienced paddlers, the Murray was by far less spooky. On this section of the Smoky I did run into some sections of rougher water, but nothing I couldn't handle. I enjoyed this trip with me and my dog very much and I have a feeling that I will probably be doing some more solo river runs in the future, although, I would never turn down good company who would be interested in sharing the experience with me as long as you have some experience on moving water. I find that a 3 day trip to me is just too darn short of a time. I would like to do something more in the area of 5 days or even more. I still plan to do the Athabasca from Jasper or Hinton to Whitecourt or even further a little later on this summer possibly. Or a totally different river run. I plan to go a lot further down this Smoky River some day also. I would be interested in soloing a couple canoes, or even tandem up with a few if there is anyone interested. If not, I just may have to go it alone. It could be a totally different experience for me. I know it will be. I find putting pictures on here is not very easy for me at the moment, but I am working on it.

I have added some photos. They are all exactly backwards, but I guess that's ok.

Author:  Allan Jacobs [ June 7th, 2015, 9:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Smoky River-Hiway 43 Bridge to Riverstone Golf Couser(TP

Thanks for the report and the photos!

Should that be Hwy 34?
I was unable to find either Riverstone Golf Course or Tee Pee Creek near the take-out point.

It is Hwy 43. I used mytopo, which (believe it or not) shows that road as Hwy 34!

Author:  greenriver [ June 16th, 2015, 9:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Smoky River-Hiway 43 Bridge to Riverstone Golf Couser(TP

The put in is hiway 43 East of Bezanson. Turn off hiway 43 on the Debolt(Edmonton) side of the bridge half way up the hill and turn right off the hiway. Watch for gravel trucks. I cant remember exactly which roads to take, but generally stay right most of the time as you work your way back down to the river. To get to the take out, head back toward Grande Prairie. Go past Bezanson on hiway 43 for 1 mile to hiway 733 and go right(North). Go north 14 miles(I think) to TWP Road 744 then turn right(East). Follow 744 for 6 miles then it starts winding down into the Riverstone Golf Course. You may need permission to use the area. Coordinates for the general (not exact) launching area are posted below.

(h ddd.ddddd°) N 55.46796° | W 118.27314°
(h ddd° mm.mmm′) N 55° 28.077' | W 118° 16.389'
(h dd° mm′ ss.s″) N 55° 28' 4.6'' | W 118° 16' 23.3''

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