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 Post subject: Quebec Route Information
PostPosted: April 3rd, 2011, 1:29 pm 

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Quebec Route Information

You will find Quebec Route information in CCR’s
Quebec Routes section
and in CCR's Forum threads, as discussed below.

As well as in the Routes section, members post their reports in CCR's
Quebec Trip Reports folder ... 16&t=34322
I go through the TR folder several times each year and post corresponding links in the Forum threads. That is, most entries in the Trip Reports folder are already referenced in the Forum threads.

A vast amount of Route Information is available at the Fédération québécoise du canot et du kayak (FQCK) site, most of it only to members. Some may be obtained by clicking on the canot-kayak link, for example ,
then on Choisissez, to get the list, then on the river name to get the information.

As well, Charles Leduc has posted a vast amount of information on paddling and other outdoor activities in Quebec and elsewhere. The paddling information is provided at
With his permission, I have posted (or will post) corresponding Route entries in CCR's Forum threads, for cartespleinair entries made before 21 February 2013.

For general information on Quebec and paddling there, go to
Quebec Resources ... 15&t=27671


Filing Route Information entries in the Forums.
To file Route entries, I use the same regions as FQCK
and Charles Leduc (cartespleinair)
These are the Quebec government hydro regions, shown at
BTW, I find sorting entries by watershed to be the most logical and economical filing system, for it reduces the need to cross-list Route entries.
To the extent that I know them, I include the names of the traditional regions (Capitale-Nationale, Gaspésie, Estrie, etc) in my Route entries.
Thanks to anonymous, Barbara, Charles Leduc and Wolverine for assistance.
Here is a map of the Quebec
Paddling regions ... anoeroutes


Région 00.
In brief: Routes on the Saint Lawrence River and the Gulf of Saint Lawrence; with the exception noted below, Inland Routes are posted in the other ten regions.
Coverage, in more detail:
The Saint Lawrence River from the Ontario boundary to Québec and Lèvis,
the north coast of the Saint Lawrence River from Québec to the NL boundary,
the south coast of the Saint Lawrence River from Lèvis to the Gaspésie boundary (see a QC road map),
the Gaspé coast to the NB boundary (includes Baie des Chaleurs and Baie de Percé), and
the coast and interior of Anticosti Island (and the Rivière à la Patate). ... 15&t=34192
Région 01.
Coverage: Inland Routes in southern Gaspé, including the basins of Baie de Percé and Baie des Chaleurs. ... 15&t=34192
Région 02.
Coverage: Basin of the Lower Saint Lawrence River, South Shore. ... 15&t=34192
Région 03.
Coverage: Basin of the Upper Saint Lawrence River, South Shore. ... 15&t=34192
Région 04.
Coverage: Basin of the Ottawa River, plus Routes in the Montreal area, plus all Routes in the Réserve faunique la Vérendrye (irrespective of whether the waters flow into James Bay).
The limit of 60,000 characters required use of two posts.
Entries A through M. ... 15&t=35476
Entries N through Z. ... 15&t=36460
Région 05.
Coverage: Basin of the upper Saint Lawrence River, North Shore (from the Ontario boundary to the Saguenay River), with the exception of the Montreal area. ... 15&t=35454
Région 06.
Coverage: The Saguenay River and its basin. ... 15&t=35299
Région 07.
Coverage: Basin of the lower Saint Lawrence River, North Shore (from the Saguenay River to the NL boundary at Lourdes-de-Blanc-Salon). ... 15&t=35299
Région 08.
Coverage: Basin of southern James Bay, excluding (should there be any) Routes in the Réserve faunique la Vérendrye.
Région 09.
Coverage: Basins of northern James Bay and of Hudson Bay.
Région 10.
Coverage: Basin of Ungava Bay.

Notations on maps.
The French language is used exclusively by FQCK and for the most part at cartespleinair.
For the convenience (and in at least one case the safety) of those less familiar with that language, here are explanations of abbreviations and words.
B: Dam (barrage).
C: Falls (NOT English chute).
D: Right (droit).
EH: High water (eau haute).
EV: Fast water or swift (eau vite).
G: Left (gauche)
K: Cascade (series of small falls or ledges)
P: Portage.
R: Rapid(s); the international scale is used; R2 means CII, etc.
S: Ledge or drop (seuil); S2 means CII ledge, etc.
amont: upstream.
Attention: Caution.
aval: downstream.
Barrage: Dam.
Bras: Branch (of river).
Chute/s: Falls, NOT English chute.
Cordelle: Line/track (noun)
Cordeller: Line/track (verb); not in dictionary.
Droit: Right.
Écluse: Lock.
Embâcle: Obstacle (?, not in dictionary).
Encombré: Obstructed.
Escalier. Staircase.
Gauche: Left.
Île: Island.
Infranchissable: Unrunnable (of rapids); occasionally abbreviated as Infran.
Plage: Beach.
Pont: Bridge.
Remous: Eddy.
Ruisseau: Stream or brook.
Seuil: Ledge or drop.
Tuyau: Pipe (culvert?).
Vagues: Waves.

Notations for campsites used at FQCK and cartespleinair.
1,2,3,4,5,6 means the number of mid-size (3-4 person) tents that fit on the campsite;
G (for group) means more than 5 or 6 tents, depending on the author.
A – excellent in almost every respect (flat spots, nice view, easy to find wood, easy water access, etc)
B - very good
C - OK, acceptable
D - poor; can be used in emergency or if campsites are few.
E - bad; almost never used; possible but no fun at all; desperation.

Proper names in Route titles and Route descriptions.
I use Toporama names for rivers, lakes, towns, etc, with occasional lapses (mostly unintentional). In Quebec, those names are mostly in French; for example, Toporama uses Rivière George, not George River.
In the Route titles, in cases where two or more names are in common use, the Toporama name is given first, then the others.
Example: Rivière aux Mélèzes is known also as Larch River and Kuuvik River.
Another example: Rivière Métawishish / Métawichiche, Métawachiche.
In the Route descriptions, I use the Toporama names, with occasional lapses.
Comment on the Search feature at Toporama.
That Quebec Toporama names are mostly in French has consequences for how one does the search.
Example: Suppose that you wish to search for the George River at Toporama.
If you enter George River, then hit the Search button, you will come up dry.
You will come up dry also if you enter either George Riviere or George Rivière.
Entering George Quebec gives over 200 items.
You must use instead Rivière George or Riviere George.
Let us be grateful that the software forgives omission of accents.


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