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Southern Lakes, YK-BC
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Author:  Joel Hollis [ July 20th, 2018, 1:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Southern Lakes, YK-BC

I am thinking of doing a long trip on the Southern Lakes between Yukon and British Columbia in 2019. We would allow 4 or five weeks to allow for being wind bound and enjoying the scenery.

We have paddled from Bennett to White Horse twice taking out at the Dalton Highway, so we are some what familiar with the area

WE are thinking of Starting at Bennett, down Bennett lake then paddling down and back up Windy Arm, then Tagish lake to Taku Arm down to Ben-My-Cree, Then back up to Graham Inlet to Atlin River to Atlin lake, down to the national park at the lower end of Atlin Lake then take out a Atlin.

Anther possibility is to take the train to Bennett, paddle from Bennett lake to Tagish, get a ride to Little Atlin lake, paddle to Atlin lake down to the National park at the southern end, back up to Atlin River, Graham Inlet down to Ben-My-Cree, then back up to Taku Arm, Tagish Lake, Nares lake, Nares River (the current was not very strong except under the Bridge at Carcross so going against the current should not be that hard) to Bennett lake, to Bennett, take train to Skagway

Major questions are:
1) which direction does Atlin River go, looking at maps it appears to flow from Atlin Lake to Graham Inlet with some easy class II rapids.
2) What is the Stream between Little Atlin Lake and Atlin lake like. Is it runable, heavy rapids,? clogged with log jams etc?

Any information or contact informatiion with people who know the area would be helpful.

Author:  elGuapo [ July 20th, 2018, 11:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Southern Lakes, YK-BC

I haven't paddled the Atlin River yet, but I have done the Atlin in a motor boat (jet and prop) a couple of times. You are correct, it flows from Atlin Lake to Tagish. The waves aren't big, but the river can be REALLY fast. You can portage along the old railway. I haven't done that either, but it is a popular skidoo route. Hopefully you can use a cart, but I don't know how grown in it is.

That's all I've got.

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