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Ongoing cross Canada solo - with a difference?
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Author:  royden49 [ July 20th, 2019, 10:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Ongoing cross Canada solo - with a difference?

Perhaps some here might be interested in my journey. It's more about lifestyle than destination and more about enjoying the day than putting a mark on the wall. In 2013 I sold my house, got rid of all my stuff and set out to give Canada a look with a canoe and folding bike. I left from the Okanagan but finished my first season with the canoe on Vancouver Island. The second year I paddled much of the BC coast, Williston Lake and the Peace to Fort Vermilion, Hay River to Inuvik. The bike was used to pull the canoe between waterways. Family matters kept me from paddling in 2015. In 2016 I paddled Whitehorse to Dawson while spectating the Yukon Quest Race. Then using ferry and rail I resumed my eastward travel from near Valemont, which I passed through in my first year. I biked to Jasper and via Saskatchewan Crossing to past Rocky Mountain House putting in at a Red Deer River tributary. I ended that season in Saskatoon. 2017 got me to New Lowell, Ontario and included a month on Lake Superior. 2018 I only paddled for two weeks along the Trent Severn and then stored the canoe at the Peterborough Canoe Museum while I backpacked and cycled the British Isles. Resuming this year from Peterborough, yesterday I crossed into New Brunswick. I have a journal at but it is not at all up to date except for the map. Nevertheless it has considerable content.

Aside from the folding bike, my other big difference from anything conventional, tripping wise, is the addition of a rowing (sculling) unit with 10 foot carbon fibre oars. Rowing though is for fair weather only. When paddling I switch every kilometre between an ultra-light carbon fibre paddle and a 280 cm fiberglass kayak paddle. Unconventionally I also have used Greyhound to ship unneeded weight (like the rowing unit) when I pull the canoe on the roads.

Newfoundland is my destination but it won't be the end of my journey. I had intended to resume my eastward journey from Fort Vermilion and follow the fur trade route via the Meythe Portage. Common sense though overruled that as a solo trip. Only in the thinking about it stages now, but Via Rail and the Churchill train would get me to the Nelson River and it's pretty much all water between there and another look at Inuvik. When the time comes for that (2021?) I'd be looking for a canoe to accompany me. Came to this site looking for route info, but for tonight at least I got sidetracked when I saw the solo tripping forum.

Author:  ameaney [ July 22nd, 2019, 9:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ongoing cross Canada solo - with a difference?

Do you have a family?
Where do you sleep in the winter?
When you sold "everything" did you plan for an end date like "I will stop travelling at a certain point and still have enough money to support myself in my declining years"

Author:  royden49 [ July 22nd, 2019, 8:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ongoing cross Canada solo - with a difference?

I spent the previous two winters volunteering in Nicaragua, same in Haiti winter before that. The two prior to those were cycling and backpacking in New Zealand. I'm retired and my lifestyle easily allows me to get by on my pension. Intend that the declining years will be somewhere Central or South America.

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