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Excellent WCA Symposium
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Author:  cheryl [ February 28th, 2017, 1:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Excellent WCA Symposium

What an awesome event! Lots of new faces (and so many young!) as well as meeting up with my favourite people once a year.

Loved most of the speakers. Such personalities, and so much fun! We are still giggling over "making love in a canoe" - tennis farts and trying to get the food hung in the nude in the rain and in the dark! Jon Turk is quite the character! “Crocodiles and Ice: A Journey into Deep Wild” I would love to hear more.
The couple doing “Route Blanche: Quebec’s Lower North Shore” were quite the team, and ON “Back Door to the Hood River” made me wonder what I should be attempting next, although Iva wrapped it up nicely with the "finding partners" (what good lessons on interesting trip participants) and we both agreed that it could be followed it up with "interesting trip leaders we have known". The First was beautiful, the Seeking the Sites: an Archaeological Guide to Labrador really made me think (and what a great job!) as did the Canoe Museum presentations. Winisk Me Away and Power of Photography too me right there.

The first time canoeist that went to Quetico made me want to get every kid out there, and Okpik's dream is something every Canadian can see.

I hear that Katherine Wheatly was just fabulous.

Was really irritated by the people coming and going and the door banging throughout the presentations. I get it - people need to come and go. But could they do it quietly?

I enjoyed the more reflective ones, but they came at a time I was felt my late afternoon, evening destination coming on.
Food was fabulous all around this year. Many many positive responses and there was LOTS of food. I would have the jambalaya's again for sure, and the trifle was excellent.

The new old caterer-new ideas! The gal in charge on Sat (it was her first time there), got it all together and was very receptive to making changes. Hope the vegetarians found their food easier at Supper, and that the plates were in the right position!

Was thrilled by the response to having real dishes. People were awesome at making a great effort to sort, recycle, and scrape, and volunteer to wash and dry. :D Did you us them singing the Voyageur song in the kitchen?

Aleks and crew - a really great, well organized event. Thank you all for your efforts. :thumbup:

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