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Swift Keewaydin 16 Combi or other solo/tandem canoe
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Author:  daypaddler [ November 16th, 2018, 1:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Swift Keewaydin 16 Combi or other solo/tandem canoe

[quote="dadadrop"]Can I ask what you didn't like about the Keewaydin? Having tried a Souris River 16 and Keewaydin 15.5 solo and tandem, I havent noticed too much of a difference apart from the obvious size difference and the Keewaydin feeling more nimble.

Hi datadrop. My main reference is a Bell Northstar since I put a lot of miles on one and in my view it is an exceptional all around tandem (and just FYI the Polaris is basically a Bell Northstar with a few inches of additional length). For me the Kee16 felt like a smaller felt shallow and also moved around more (less stable) yet it also felt a bit slower and also less maneuverable. When I paddled the Kee16 solo it did not charm me since it didn't spin as easily as a Bell Northstar or Polaris so I felt like I would never take it out solo just to play. The Kee16 felt like a lake boat to me, similar to the Kee15 solo. I spend a lot of time on rivers. I'm not sure what a Kee15.5 is...maybe I need to get onto the Swift site again since they keep launching new boats!

To the original poster, even if you end up with a symmetric boat you may want to consider a kneeling thwart (or a center seat) to help get you towards the center of the boat so the canoe will be trimmed somewhere near level so it can perform at it's best...for example the Colden Starfire is symmetric yet the solo set-up is an extra seat for best positioning and control. Hopefully you will test paddle your final choices.

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