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PostPosted: December 26th, 2018, 1:40 am 

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Anyone got any ideas on the following please. Driving in to our double garage with sea kayak on top of car it will only fit if slung on the ceiling BUT at right angles to the car (ie. across the garage).The idea was to off load it from top of the car and somehow swing it round so it can be slung up on the ceiling across the garage all in one deft movement you understand !! Loading up would be reverse of the process.As I am not built like Arnie it would help if all the heavy lifting/manouvering could be managed solo with the minimum of effort. A number of rafters run across the garage (right angles to the car) and protrude down by about 6 inches. Many thanks.

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PostPosted: December 26th, 2018, 10:35 am 

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My first thought would be to use two wide (maybe 2 inch wide) webbing slings, hung off a single point on the ceiling above the vehicle, so that the slings are / \, positioned under the kayak bulkheads.

I have a hanging scale on the shop ceiling that I use for weighing boats. I just tighten cam straps around the hull and move the saw horses out from under. (Sometimes I use only one strap, which helps me find the exact balance point for the yoke on a soloized tandem, but you don’t want that).

With the kayak ceiling hung so that the hanging strap orientation is across the garage you should be able to pivot the hanging hull 90 degrees and then lower it onto the roof racks, and reverse that process to take it off.

There are various pulley systems folks use to suspend hung boats, but if you have a second helper person using two cam straps might work for raising the hull off the roof racks; just have the helper raise first one end of the kayak off the crossbars, tighten that strap, then raise and tighten the other end and let go, the kayak should auto-pivot back sideways across the garage.

You probably want help when lowering the boat onto the roof racks as well, if you just release a cam strap the boat is coming down for a hard handing.

A couple cam strap would be the KISS solution, but “one deft movement solo” probably means a pulley system, still arranged / \ so the kayak would auto-pivot back sideways.

PostPosted: December 26th, 2018, 11:25 am 

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Pull in with the car, loosen the rear hull strap to allow the kayak to pivot (while on the car rack) and take the front hull strap right off.
Now pivot the front of the kayak 90 degrees to the side to an awaiting rope/loop/hanger that is hanging down 2'. If the garage is too small you may need intermediate supports between these two points. (4 moves to resting place)
Now undo the rear hull strap and lift it to the other awaiting cradle.
I would flip the kayak upside down (unless it's a composite) because the deck is stronger to resist deformation from the ropes/supports.
Lastly, raise the two ends tight up to the ceiling and if it's long term storage then put another strap/support near the middle of the kayak.

Your idea... pull in with the car, attach one rope on a pulley system exactly centred on the kayak so it is roughly balanced.
Lift it up to the ceiling and lock the rope off.
Now spin the kayak 90 degrees and tie up the bow and stern ends.

A couple of pulleys in the hoisting system can make you lift like Arnold.

Hope this helps.

PostPosted: December 26th, 2018, 4:13 pm 

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Sounds like a great project and a bit of a challenge.
With limited height clearance how about installing two tracks to slide the kayak from its storage position onto and off of the vehicle.
One track for the bow. A second track for the stern.
That way one person could move the kayak along the tracks and the boat would swing or pivot ninety degrees into position. You would just need to clip the bow and stern onto their respective track rollers.
Using tracks would keep the craft close to the ceiling.
Need to set it up so that the distance between the track rollers is consistent.



PostPosted: December 27th, 2018, 8:52 am 

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It's hard to visualize your exact situation but I think you may be able to get a good system with two simple rope loops. You want a fixed loop for the bow. Put two screw eyes in the rafters maybe 6-8 feet from rear wall of garage. Probably best to have the fixed loop angled at 45 degrees from rear wall so you can pull your car straight in..maybe not quite all the way in. Then loosen your kayak straps and pull/push the bow into the fixed loop so the front of the boat is now supported. Then you'll need a second rope loop fixed on one end but with an open screw eye on one end. Tie a little loop on the loose end of the rope (bowline is perfect) so you can easily hang it on the open screw eye. Now once the bow of your boat is supported you can then lift the stern, swing it around, lift it up, and attach the loose end of your second rope to the open screw eye. Make sense? You'd have to play around with rope lengths to get them just right.

PostPosted: January 19th, 2019, 1:28 pm 
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Two eye bolt/screws in the rafters the length of the boats. Cleat on wall to tie ropes off on. Carabiner tied to the end of both ropes, rope through eye of bolts attached to rafters. Yak on floor, clip both carabiners to grab loops on either end, pull up to the rafters and tie off. Simple and cheap.

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