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Esquif canyon second thwart necessary?
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Author:  Mike McCrea [ June 30th, 2019, 9:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Esquif canyon second thwart necessary?

Swampwalker, please let us know what you decide to do and how it works out. Too often on threads such as this we never hear about the final decisions and results.

Author:  swampwalker [ July 9th, 2019, 12:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Esquif canyon second thwart necessary?

Hi all,

Thanks again for the advice. I ran the Ashuapmushuan last week with the second thwart in place just to be safe. I love the handling of the Canyon, but the second thwart is a pain for loading packs and barrels. I'll try it out on the next trip without the second thwart. I'm willing to put up with more flex in the hull if it offers more flexibility in how I load or paddle.

It seems that this second thwart has been jettisoned in other Canyons anyway, such as those used by MKC. See the Canyon in this video around the 1 min mark:

Interestingly, another couple on our trip were paddling a 30 yr old Blue Hole Cumberland, which I believe is the predecessor of the Evergreen Starburst and the Esquif Canyon. The Cumberland does not have a second thwart. The Cumberland is a remarkable boat. It's uncannily fast, almost 10% faster than my Canyon. It is also a bit deeper. And tough! This boat actually suffered a wrap on a rock during our trip. Broke the vinyl gunnels and ripped the bolts through the rear seat, thwart, and yoke. In one hour everything was reattached and the boat paddled away as if nothing had happened!

Author:  ppine [ July 14th, 2019, 12:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Esquif canyon second thwart necessary?

Actually the third thwart. I have added a thwart behind the bow seat in several canoes. I like it for strength and also a good place to secure dunnage like Duluth packs. There is the age old problem of it being in the way for solo paddling from the bow seat. INstall it so it is easy to remove with four bolts.

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