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PostPosted: October 14th, 2019, 9:29 am 

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While I carry bear bangers, I have come to realize that I likely won't have time to actually use one in the event of a surprise encounter. I suppose I could have a banger mounted on the launcher ahead of time and then carry the launcher in my hand at all times, that just isn't always practical. Putting a mounted unit in a pocket, with only the little detent holding the firing pin back seems reckless. I'd expect that the odds in favour of an accidental firing would be high. And groping around in a pocket while distracted by a charging bear seems unlikely to succeed in time.

I must confess I have not tried to carry the launcher with a banger installed and the firing pin left pressed against the bottom of the banger. I would suspect that any jostling in a pocket or pack might damage the bottom of the banger so that it wouldn't fire properly when needed. But I could be wrong. (It's happened once or twice before. Me being wrong, I mean.)

I prefer carring the bear spray in a belt pouch originally used to cary a nalgene water bottle. Always on the outside of any jacket or other clothing. Fairly secure, easy to retrieve.

PostPosted: October 16th, 2019, 2:25 pm 

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wow, the ol' stare down deterrent. balls of steel required. i routinely carry spray and have had to pull it once at close range in fear. a grizzly sow with 3 yearling cubs, i startled them at close range at a running stream that i failed to make noise as i approached. they had a good look at me then just ran away. i thought for sure i was going to have to pull the trigger.

i am recently firearm licensed and have purchased a hunting rifle, but only shot at the range. warding off an attack at close range with a gun would be very difficult and it seems to me, unlikely to be effective unless you had the right gun and a perfect shot. avoidance if possible seems the best tactic.

PostPosted: October 16th, 2019, 6:39 pm 

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This thread has got me wondering what the protocol is and if there are any ramifications in a situation where a bear (either grizzly or polar) is shot/killed in self defence.

PostPosted: October 17th, 2019, 4:45 am 

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I'll just add my own anecdotal experience on this. I'd posted here about a bear encounter I had in 2016 which was as close as one gets without being injured or killed. Solo, far from civilization.

I grew up with guns, but I resent the weight, and don't want to hump one over dozens of portages, so never bring one.

Does bear spray work? Yeah... sorta... it wouldn't matter with a determined bear. Those are all true IMO.

It irritated that particular and reasonably determined bear enough to give me time to pack and get back in the water, but not much else. I doubt it would even slow down a determined, predatory bear.

Before I carried anything, I had another bear encounter in the middle of the night, and I basically just spoke and he/she ran into the bush so fast I couldn't even see him/her move.

I've ran across maybe 10-12 wolves, all alone, and they have been timid but curious. A pack may be quite different, although I've spent a couple of sleepless nights with packs a couple of hundred yards away yipping and howling nearby with no problems.

One of the moose charges I dealt with, I fired off a bear banger. That was a huge mistake. Probably the biggest error I've made in the bush. It enraged her, and I spent quite a while dodging her in a shallow lake. Outside of calfing or rutting seasons, I find it's best to not change what you are doing and studiously ignore aggressive moose. They lose interest before getting too aggressive. No idea how to behave in calfing or rutting season lol, but I've had several moose encounters, two of which involved me being charged, and several non-aggressive-ish situations where I was less than twenty feet from them.

About the protocol for killing a bear in self-defense. Last year (2018), I ran into someone who killed a bear on Great Slave Lake a couple of days earlier (likely, at least.... he shot it and it ran into the bush). He sat phoned Natural Resources, and they flew out. He described the incident, and they found it fine and left. It was a black bear, but I doubt things would change for the other two regarding governmental response.

PostPosted: October 17th, 2019, 10:56 am 

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Bears seem to be curious animals and have a smaller personal space/comfort zone than most humans during bear-human encounters. That’s one reason why bear spray is better than guns.

Yes the protocol for killing a bear is to contact the nearest wildlife office, preferably as soon as possible, even before shooting to make them aware of your situation.



PostPosted: Yesterday, 9:23 pm 

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i live near Yellowstone. Plenty of Griz. I know many people that have used spray with 100% success.
I know of many stories and hunters who used guns with not at good of success...mauled etc. When you or anything suddenly can't fricken breath, you react and panic in a fast way. When you get shot...different story....a big dose of pain in the side....not the same as NOT BREATHING. pepper spray works. Best not to get yourself in the situation first. be noisy, loud and not walk up on a sow and cub.

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