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Latest/Greatest new tents?
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Author:  mr_canoehead18 [ February 2nd, 2023, 8:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Latest/Greatest new tents?

Thanks again all.

Neil - the fire-proofing thing is interesting, as it seems Mountain Hardwear Canada says they no longer use any ( Fjallraven says on their site they are not legally allowed to ship into Canada for the same reason ( ... se-a-tent-)

I'm reminded of the "story of stuff" saying ". . . we could think of a better way of keeping our heads from catching on fire at night" ( ... uffProject)

It seems to me, too, that tents made in China (or outside CUSMA ... l-eng.html) are likely subject to 18% import duty, whether we pay it directly or it is embedded in the price of tents bought locally.

I like the idea of a "premium" sort of tent, but since I've never actually had a serious tent failure in 30 years of going outside and using many different models, I'm thinking I'll just buy one that goes on sale and be done with it. If I spent $1000+, I probably wouldn't want to let it touch the ground or be exposed to the sun anyway!

Author:  ChristineCanoes [ February 6th, 2023, 7:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Latest/Greatest new tents?

mr_canoehead18 wrote:
Hi All,

I'm considering a new tent. I had a MEC Wanderer for years, but it is no longer. I have an old MEC Lightfield that is going strong, but not the best for warm summer days.

Those TentLab Moonlights look amazing, but with the exchange rate, shipping, and duty, it looks like the 2+ model would be close to $1100.

I'm considering the MSR Elixir 3 and Mountain Hardware Mineral King, but am open to other options (2 people, but I like a bit of extra room). I'd like something that is comfortable, durable, and stable in wind, and I prefer freestanding models with 2 doors/2 vestibules.

I once knew the difference between the aluminum alloys, tempers, and pole construction, but don't anymore, and manufacturers (excepting TentLab) don't seem to provide that info in any case.


We have a 3P UL Marmot Tungsten and love it - simple light and roomy.

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