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Trudeau pledges to protect 25-30% Canada, boost camping
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Author:  frozentripper [ October 5th, 2019, 8:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Trudeau pledges to protect 25-30% Canada, boost camping

Lots of negative reaction to Trudeau's proposal to teach kids camping and fund camping vacations to low income families. Esp from the right-leaning National Post... eg. Liberals' camping scheme an exercise in stupidity that takes nannyism to new heights.... the reporters stating they prefer hotels.

Even the Toronto Star didn't like kid's camping all that much with the reporter complaining she can't manage to sit in a canoe and doesn't like to go camping... how's that for bias and subjectivity... that report isn't worth discussing here but google if you want to read.

Something on the high costs of camping from the National Post OTOH does offer something of value: ... yL8Bv0BawM

So far none of the reports that I've managed to find have been critical of increased protection of natural areas, which is the more significant part of the initiative... maybe they don't understand what a natural area is or what wilderness is, esp if they prefer hotels and have never camped.

Environment seems to have taken on more significance in this election and maybe the bigger-picture need for greater protection is more widely recognized now.

PS... I've emailed the Environment Minister's office trying to find out which natural areas will be included for protection, but the public relations individual seems to be unavailable for comment, probably out helping with Liberal campaigning.

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