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PostPosted: November 10th, 2019, 9:06 pm 

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I’m looking for opinions on the Nurtistore freeze dried meats.
Costco and Walmart both carry this product.
I have zero experience with freeze dried meats. I generally take a lot of dried ground and chunked venison, and “rubber” chicken and have never had spoilage issues, but would like to mix things up. The sausage crumbles sound great!

Some of my questions are:

Has anyone tried this stuff and had issues with the shelf life on a multi week (4 to 5) trip? According to the Costco website they have a 25 yr storage life and a 12 month shelf life after opening. Sounds great, but not sure how accurate those times might be in a food barrel in the sweltering sun. I like to assemble my meals, usually putting the meat in a little sandwich bag to keep it separated from the sauce and veggies etc, before bagging or vac sealing the meal. In this situation it would mean taking it out of the Mylar pouch and don’t know how that would affect storage.

Are the portions accurate and does freeze dried meat expand in size when rehydrated? The bucket of meat that they sell gets you 12 servings of ground beef, 12 diced beef, 12 sausage crumbles and 24 diced chicken, at 1/2 cup per serving. At a half a cup a serving, it’s probably not gonna cut it, when you’re a ravenous canoe tripping carnivore. It’s 170$ for the bucket, that realistically gets you 30 servings? Seems reasonable considering the price of meat and the effort involved dehydrating your own.

Thanks for looking,

PostPosted: November 11th, 2019, 9:02 am 
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Don't confuse the process of freeze drying with dehydration. They are totally different processes and the shelf life of dehydrated is much less than freeze dried especially in the sweltering sun. There is always a little moisture in dehydrated. I have had unhappy mold in my meat after two weeks backcountry canoeing in Florida. That is sweltering sun and humidity,.

Freeze dried even in quantity is far better for spoilage avoidance in adverse conditions( I would prefer it individually packaged but.. you can do that with a vacuum sealer). Freeze dried meat does expand when cooked.

Dehydrators for home use are cheap. Freeze Driers are not.

PostPosted: November 11th, 2019, 11:08 am 

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I've been dehydrating for a very long time, but this summer I was not able to, and ended up buying essentially what you are asking (actually it was mountain house, chicken and hamburger). I brought that along with a bunch of other freeze dried vegetable and a large assortment of spices.

This was for a 3 week trip. We made things like tacos, stir fry, chick satay, coconut curry chicken, and
number of pasta dishes. It was so much better and easier than dehydrating, that I don't think I will
dehydrate any more. Just not worth the time. The freeze dried rehydrates really fast, and has better texture.
I also got a bunch of stuff from-
which was very good and recommend.

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