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Outrage X vs Prodigy x
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Author:  simonbee [ August 28th, 2007, 2:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Outrage X vs Prodigy x

I am contemplating getting a Bell Prodigy X , I currently paddle an Outrage X. I am getting a good deal on the Prodigy X and I tend to believe it will be easier to paddle for a beginner like me. Has anyone paddled these two boats and what were your impressions?

Author:  yarnellboat [ August 31st, 2007, 2:16 am ]
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I don't know the ProdigyX. But, the OutrageX isn't known to be a difficult boat to handle (for a ww boat), even for beginners.

They are both legitimate, dedicated ww boats. So, I don't know by trial, but I wouldn't expect them to be very different.

Either boat will take some getting used to. How you feel in the different hulls is more your personal preference, and could have as much to do with how you fit the outfitting as the boat itself.

Put in some time and you'll get more comfortable in either boat.

Good luck, PY.

Author:  headwaters [ February 18th, 2008, 6:42 pm ]
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This thread went cold a while back, but I'm curious if Simonbee every made a swap? Reason I ask, a friend is seeking information on comparing the Outrage X to the Prodigy X to the Esquif Vertige. I've owned the Prodigy X and Esquif Vertige and of those two I'd say the Vertige is faster and dryer and the Prodigy X is more stable for novice canoeists. I've only paddled an Outrage X for a few minutes but I found it not as stable as the Prodigy X or the Vertige, but turns faster.

Simonbee, did you ever trade? Just curious what your thoughts are if you've had a chance to paddle the other boats?

Author:  simonbee [ February 27th, 2008, 12:44 pm ]
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Yes, I did purchase the Prodigy X but I have not paddled it yet. I just got the outfitting last week from Mike Yee. Since we have still ice on the rivers here, it will be a while before I get a chance to serious try it out. I the mean time I will hang on the Outrage for a while until I feel the Prodigy will work for me. I paddled a prodigy X last year and my first impression where similar to your. I found the Prodigy X to more stable than the Outrage X but I need now to find out what I am loosing in the trade.

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