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Author:  pknoerr [ November 24th, 2007, 10:18 am ]
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Bryan Hansel wrote:
I'd like to see a foldable canoe with adjustable rocker. Other than that, I have the canoes that are perfect for me, and can't think of anyway that I'd like to improve them.

All Pakcanoes have adjustable rocker. The adjustable rocker works best in the solo, where you can choose to spread the load out to minimize rocker, or you can load everything in the middle to increase rocker. I even used nylon straps to accentuate the rocker for running bigger whitewater. Then loosen the cambuckles and the bow and stern drop right back down. With the tandems you can move the seats and center load your gear and increase rocker somewhat, but in my experience the adjustable rocker doesn't work nearly as well. But even then it's easy to shorten the waterline a foot just by moving the burden to the middle of the hull.


Author:  Bryan Hansel [ November 24th, 2007, 6:58 pm ]
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That's pretty impressive. Those kayak designers thought they had something new with the adjustable rocker...

Author:  Jwinters [ November 27th, 2007, 9:36 am ]
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One canoe that will do everything?

All this anti-canoe designer stuff should be nipped in the bud. :D

Back in the early 60's a fellow built a Star boat (22' one-design sailboat) that he adjusted with turnbuckles inside the boat. Apparently it worked well enough for the class to outlaw the practice.

If anyone wants to tinker with these devices keep one thing in mind - they do not work very well on canoes with straight keels. Instead of giving the boat more rocker they give in a hogged bottom. They do work with boats that already have some rocker although one boat I tinkered with cracked because it was too stiff.

Something with levers would make more sense than turnbuckles. By the time you got the turnbuckles adjusted you might be over the ledge. :o

Author:  Battenkiller [ November 27th, 2007, 10:35 pm ]
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Moonman wrote:
Hey BK,

Thanks for your response. What I was refering to was not a complete redesign, and not somethjing for everyone, more of a tweak here and there and something for each individual paddler choice of boat specificaly.

As well, I'm also refering to just pure looks, as opposed to only performance. Of course, there is no perfect boat that can do everything perfectly - I was only wondering how you would like to change (maybe slightly, not at all, or a lot), your favourite boat.

OK, Moonman, I'll play along.

My favorite boat? The one I mentioned above, my Bell Northstar.

The slight improvement?

Foam rubber pipe insulation glued into the shouldered tumblehome!

Perfectly functional sponsons with that classic Radisson beauty. :lol:

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