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PostPosted: January 14th, 2020, 5:38 pm 

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I'm very close to pulling the trigger on a new Swift boat. (Call it a pre-retirement splurge. Actually, my wife got a kayak for her BD and would rather paddle that than our tandem canoe with me... so, I have to get some kind of solo boat!)

I think I've worked everything out, but have one residual question that this community could help me think about:

The retailer recommends that I consider a carbon-innegra inner layer on the Kevlar Fusion boat, says it will have better abrasion resistance and increase the stiffness of the boat. Swift shows it as an exterior "colour" option (not interior) and says there is no weight change. As far as I can tell, Swift only mentions high strength-to-weight ratio for the KF laminate, and is silent with respect to stiffness and abrasion resistance.

Any opinions out there? And rationale to back them up? :-)



PostPosted: January 14th, 2020, 7:18 pm 

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I don't have experience as it relates to your question, but it has been mentioned more than once that the pattern might make you feel woozy/ill.

PostPosted: January 14th, 2020, 8:42 pm 

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Opinion only. If Innegra is polyester, which is a very tough material, with little stretch - the match with carbon fibre would probably be a good one for increasing hull stiffness as said. I've used both nylon, and polyester, for skinning, and lashing, Skin-on-frame kayaks. Nylon has a lot of stretch. Polyester, substantially less. Polyester was more difficult to work with. Not a lot of help I know, but hopefully others will add their experiences.

PostPosted: January 15th, 2020, 9:17 am 

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Opinions, here, too.

Innegra is actually polypropylene, a high molecular density olefin plastic. I don't know what the abrasion resistance would be like, too new, and I've never used the stuff. It's really light material, though it would be heavier because of the graphite (carbon) it's interwoven with. The Innegra is light enough that it floats on the resin during the hull layup process and unless vacuum bagged in, it might not bond real well. As I've never used the material, I don't know if the carbon content woven with it would be enough to make the fabric sink into and bond better.

Carbon itself is not real abrasion resistant, and it would surprise me if Innegra is. It would likely fuzz if abraded, sort of like Kevlar. If the Innegra and carbon are on the inside of the boat, they won't provide any abrasion resistance for outside forces (against sand, gravel, or rocks) until exterior layers over it are worn off. I wouldn't expect much abrasion requirement necessary on the inside of the boat, but I don't know your use.

The carbon as an inside layer would really help stiffen the boat, but I sort of doubt that the Innegra would contribute much in that regard, mostly just reduce weight some. Innegra itself likely wouldn't contribute much stiffness, if any; the carbon woven with it would be trusted to provide it.

I quit building my own boats about the time these newer materials came out, Innegra, Spectra, Dyneema Vectran, Basalt, and others, and have not used them, just seen descriptions. Without the practical experience (and destruction testing!), I could be way off in my thoughts above. The info above might raise some questions for the recommending retailer though.

Good luck with your purchase and many happy miles paddling it.

James Henry

PostPosted: January 15th, 2020, 11:50 am 

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So I did this in a KF Keewaydin 16. I think i was the first one to ever ask for it as they had to figure out if they could do it.

I did it because i thought it looks better with the Carbon..trim,seats,thwart, yoke. really wasn't thinking about stiffness or abrasion resistance..

I have had no issues with it and i do think it looks better. that boat flew about 20 feet in a sudden high wind thunderstorm last year landing on some rocks. A couple of scrapes and 1 small gel crack. otherwise fine.. can't really say if the carbon innegra inner layer helped me on that or not though..likely not..

Inside of the boat does clean up nicely and hold up well. If you really pressed me I would likely say it seems more abrasion resistant than the interior of a regular KF Swift boat... which I have owned 3 of.

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