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 Post subject: Hubbard Bibliography
PostPosted: October 6th, 2008, 7:03 pm 

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This material was cluttering up the Newfoundland and Labrador Canoe Routes folder so I decided to make a new one.

Hubbard bibliography:

1. This is an ongoing effort to list sources for Hubbard/Wallace/Elson material. Please inform me if you run across something suitable.
2. The Google Books I’ve checked omit some pages.
3. Wallace published 26 books, at least 9 with a Labrador/Quebec connection. Item 7 in Troy Gipps Library below classifies the other L/Q books as fiction. And Hubbard/Wallace scholars cite only Lure and Trail.
4. In addition to Lure and Trail, Wallace wrote Back to the Labrador Wilds, which describes his 1913 trip to Hubbard's last camp. The manuscript was not published, but you will find a link it at Troy Gipps's site .

Books/articles, non-fiction.

Dillon Wallace.
The Lure of the Labrador Wild.
Fleming N Revell, New York (1905) [Source: Che-Mun]
1. Kessinger Publishing (2004). ... ,+Dillon#1
2. Google Books. ... &ct=result
3. ... llace.html
4. Project Gutenberg
5. eBook Giant ... rador-Wild

Dillon Wallace.
The Long Labrador Trail.
Fleming H Revell, New York (1907). [Source: Che-Mun]
Ed note: Some links classify the book as Fiction, I don’t know why (because of the dialogue?).
1. Kessinger Publishing. ... ,+Dillon#1
2. Google Books (date given as 1917?). ... lt#PPP1,M1
3. Project Gutenberg
4. Abacci Books
5. eBookTakeAway ... on_wallace

Mina Hubbard.
A Woman’s Way Through Unknown Labrador.
William Briggs, Toronto (1908); John Murray, London (1908); A C McClurg, Chicago (1908). [Source for last is Troy Gipps.]
1. Project Gutenberg
2. Edited by Sherrill Grace. McGill – Queen’s (2005).
Google Books: ... lt#PPP1,M1
Reviewed by Alison Dyer in The Beaver October/November 2008, Vol. 88, No. 5, pp 48-49.

Dillon Wallace.
Back to the Labrador Wilds.
Wallace’s 1913 expedition to Hubbard’s last camp.
Link is at Troy Gipps Library:

Alan Cooke.
A Woman's Way.
The Beaver, Summer 1960, Vol. 40, No. 1, Outfit 291, pp40-45.
Ed comment: A summary of the 1903 and 1905 expeditions, weighing in heavily in support Mina Hubbard, and against Dillon Wallace. It was this article that prompted the Mauro - Wallace (son) trip of 1973 to Hubbard's last camp.

R G Mauro.
Dillon Wallace of Labrador.
The Beaver, Summer 1975, Vol. 55, No. 1, Outfit 306, pp50-57.
Ed comment: Another account of the 1903 and 1905 expedition and also that of 1913, rather less judgemental than Cooke's; it includes also a few paragraphs on the 1973 trip.

James West Davidson and John Rugge.
Great Heart: The History of a Labrador Adventure.
Penguin Viking, New York (1988).
New Edition: McGill – Queen’s Press (2006).
Ed comment: A classic, written by paddlers familiar with the area.
Google Books. ... lt#PPA1,M1

Roberta Buchanan, Anne Hart and Bryan Greene (Editors).
The Woman Who Mapped Labrador: The Life and Expedition Diary of Mina Hubbard.
McGill – Queen’s Press (2005). ... PR8-IA1,M1
Ed comment: BRAVO!

Books/articles, fiction.

Clayton Klein.
Challenge the Wilderness: The Legend of George Elson.
Wilderness Adventure Books, Fowlerville (1988).
Ed comments:
My copy is dated "February, 1988"; the web lists later versions.
Written by a paddler, who invented most of the dialogue, it is less scholarly than the other books. Indeed, it is classified as "Fiction" at Open Library, and the publishing page gives “Many of the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, …”
Nevertheless, it is referenced in Sherrill Grace’s article, which I cannot access in full: Biography, Volume 24, Number 1, Winter 2001, University of Hawai’i Press. ... grace.html

More's the pity, I've run across other academic Hubbard material with restricted access.
And there's other material out there not worth listing here.

Randall Silvis.
North of Unknown: Mina Hubbard’s Extraordinary Expedition into the Labrador Wilderness.
Lyons Press, Guilford (2005).
Google Books. ... #PPA262,M1
Ed comment: I don't understand the relation with Heart So Hungry ... (next entry), but the content must be nearly identical.

Randall Silvis.
Heart so Hungry: The Extraordinary Expedition of Mina Hubbard Into the Labrador Wilderness.
Vintage Canada (2005).
Ed comment: Christopher Moore (in Making It Up: The Fictions of Biography, The Beaver, December 2004 - January 2005, Vol. 84, No. 6, pp50-51) quotes the preface as calling the book "A hybrid of fact and fiction".


Philip Schubert Library.
Philip’s library is a treasure trove for those interested in the Hubbard story. And it contains also descriptions of his paddling innovations.
Philip has spent several summers paddling and hiking through the area traversed by Leonidas Hubbard, Dillon Wallace and George Elson in 1903 and by Mina Hubbard, Elson and Wallace in 1905. His progress through 2005 is described on pages 6-8 of his Che-Mun article: ; he paddled the upper George in 2006.
Not coincidentally, page 9 of the same Che-Mun issue contains Michael Peake’s review of
The Woman Who Mapped Labrador: The Life and Expedition Diary of Mina Hubbard. Roberta Buchanan, Anne Hart and Bryan Greene, McGill-Queens Press (2005).
Philip's recent update of Retracing ... (Item 1 below) includes details of his 2008 trip down the George.

For the convenience of the reader, I give explicit links to some of Philip's material:
1. Retracing the Hubbard and Wallace Saga.
2. Hubbard Rock.
3. Innu Portage.
The ancient portage below Seal Lake on the Naskaupi.
4. Naskaupi canoe trip (link given also in NL Resources and Updates).

Troy Gipps Library:
Another treasure trove of Hubbard-related links and articles.
1. Outing Magazine, Vol. XLV, March 1905, No. 6, by Caspar Whitney.
2. Dillon Wallace. Back to the Labrador Wilds. Wallace’s 1913 expedition to Hubbard’s last camp.
3. Finding Hubbard’s rock in 1973. [Ed note: The article mentioned by Mauro must be Alan Cooke's A Woman’s Way, cited above.]
4. The Hubbard Expeditions (Labrador Heritage Society, North West River): ;
5. Virtual Museum of Labrador:
6. Dillon Wallace: Our Dad.
7. List of books by Dillon Wallace (26 in all, 7 non-fiction, not including Back to the Labragor Wilds).
8. Hubbard Memorial Expedition and related links.

Brad Bassi Library:
The Hubbard Memorial Expedition followed the Susan River route from North West River to Ungava Bay.

Archival Treasures, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Drawn by the Lure of Labrador.
Brief summary (link found at Jane Collins Academy site): ... 4_labrador


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