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Video: Portaging canoe and packs:
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Author:  HOOP_ [ June 6th, 2016, 7:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Video: Portaging canoe and packs:

Hi folks, I uploaded a video on YouTube called "Portaging Canoe and Packs". Its really intended for beginners who may be struggling with how to get that canoe onto the shoulders, or lift a heavy portage pack onto one's back without doing the turtle on its back thing. I also T up a 30L barrel on top of the pack (with a fail included), and use the shoulder strap as a tump. But the experienced veterans may enjoy it too, and for whetting the tripping appetite, I included some footage of some nice looking Boreal black spruce forest.

I inserted some slow motion segments showing some of the ergonomic steps. Its sort of like Judo - its using the body efficiently and setting the masses (canoe and packs) in motion and then using their momentum. (Note: The canoe does have a deep dish yoke and pad).

Its how I do it, but of course there are several other ways to do these lifts which I sometimes do, but the ones shown are my favourite methods.

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